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Performance Histories from East Asia 1960s–90s: An IAPA Reader

Editor: Victor Wang | Reference: P3678 | Type: Publication

Brings together a variety of essays, photographs and archival materials and on the history of early performance art in East Asia. The publication will include texts by  An invaluable new research tool, the publication is available free at events and online.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Performance art’s “master” Tehching Hsieh on the importance of isolation

Artist/Author: Bryony Stone | Reference: A0830 | Type: Article

An interview conducted at LADA’s new home in the Garrett Centre, Bethnal Green attempts to find out why the artist gave over his life to art.

Tehching Hsieh: Doing Time

Editor: Adrian Heathfield | Reference: P3462 | ISBN: 978-986-05-2217-4 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue. Biennale Arte 2017, 57th International Art Exhibition – Viva Arte Viva. 13 May – 26 November 2017.

Still Hear the Wound: Toward an Asia, Politics, and Art to Come

Editor: Lee Chonghwa | Reference: P3084 | ISBN: 978-1939161819 | Type: Publication

The volume introduces English language readers for the first time to work by an emerging group of critics and artists addressing the legacies of colonial violence in present-day Japan. The volume contains translated essays, and an accompanying DVD with artist interviews.

Li Yuan-Chia: Tell me what is not yet said

Editor: Guy Brett and Nick Sawyer | Reference: P2850 | Type: Publication

A monograph documenting the artist's life and work; includes photographs which have never before been reproduced, a selection of his short texts and poems, which reflect his feelings on the open question of the relationship between art and life, and two newly commissioned essays by Guy Brett and Nick Sawyer.

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

Performance Art from Asia

Editor: Sinead O' Donnell | Reference: P2403 | ISBN: 9789535610144 | Type: Publication

Documentation from the 'MY EARTH STAGLINEC' International meeting of artists in memory of 'Antonio G. Lauer', showcasing performance art work from around Asia.  Croatia, 2013. Curated by Sinead O'Donnell. Contributors: Sinead O' Donnell, Suzana Marjanic, Akiko Sato, Chumpon Apisuk, Chuyia Chia, Lee Wen, Makoto Maruyama, Miyako Narita, Vasan Sitthiket, Vichukorn Tangpaiboon, Tzu-chi-Yeh, Watan Wuma. 

The 6th Taishin Arts Award

Reference: P2191 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of entries and jury’s comments for the Taishin Arts Award 2007

In the Name of Art

Artist/Author: Chiou Hsien-Jung, Zeng Wen-Zhen, Wu Jia-Ming | Reference: P2190 | Type: Publication

In the Name of Art gives a progressive meaning in terms of the existence and the argument of art in Taiwan. It approaches the early situation and looks at visual subjects initiated during the Japanese colonial period and the post-war era with a modern view. In addition to documenting, the series discusses the contemporary art scene since the 1980s under several milestone issues such as gender, ethnicity, and globalization.

The Uncertainty of Wind Power

Artist/Author: Chen Yung-Hsien | Reference: P2040 | ISBN: 957-41-3769-4 | Type: Publication

Exhibition programme and postcard images.

7th Asiatopia and First S.E. Asia Performance Art Symposium (SEAPAS)

Reference: D1792 | Type: DVD

Documentation from the festival, held 24-27 November 2005, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Dwelling Place

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1148 | Type: DVD

Video documentation of homonymous exhibition; 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition.

Two disks. Chinese and English. Accompanying publication REF. P1222.

Dwelling Place

Reference: P1222 | ISBN: 978-957-41-6075-4 | Type: Publication

Exhibition programme; 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition

Chinese with English translation.Accompanying dvd REF. D1148.

Yu Chung-I collection

Artist/Author: Yu, Chung-I | Reference: D1056 | Type: DVD

Video and photographic documentation of the work of Taiwanese performance artist.

Returning to Homeland

Artist/Author: Lin Chuan-Chu | Reference: D1122 | Type: DVD

Writing and performative photographs documenting the artist’s Homeland series.

Cheng Shih-Chun’s Works - Disk D

Artist/Author: Cheng Shih-Chun | Reference: D1047 | Type: DVD

Survey’s the artist’s work between 2003-07.

REFs: Disk A – D1044; Disk B – D1045; Disk C – D1046. Text in Chinese and English

Wang Molin

Artist/Author: Wang Molin | Reference: D1017 | Type: DVD

Performance presented as part of the Taiwan International Performance Art Festival 2004.

Body 2015

Artist/Author: Wang Molin | Reference: D1016 | Type: DVD

Performance presented as part of the Taiwan International Performance Art Festival 2007.

Zhubun Elops with the Ghost - 5th Annual Taishin Arts Awards

Artist/Author: Gang-a-tsui Theatre | Reference: D0977 | Type: DVD

With the participation of Tomoe Shizune and Hakutobo. Accompanying homonymous publications REF P1102

Zhubun Elops with the Ghost - 5th Annual Taishin Arts Awards

Artist/Author: Gang-a-tsui Theatre | Reference: P1102 | Type: Publication

With the participation of Tomoe Shizune and Hakutobo. English and Chinese.For accompanying dvd see D0977.

The Song of Body - Chen Yung-Hsien

Artist/Author: Chen Yung-Hsien | Reference: P1040 | ISBN: 957-41-3769-4 | Type: Publication

Exhibition Catalogue, Taiwan.