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An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Performance Art : SELF/s

Artist/Author: T. J. Bacon | Reference: P4212 | ISBN: 978-1-78938-530-4 | Type: Publication

Applying a queer phenomenology to unpack the importance of a multiplicity of Self/s, the book guides readers to be academically rigorous when capturing embodied experiences, featuring exercises to activate their practices and clear introductory definitions to key phenomenological terms. Includes interviews and insights from some of the best examples of transgressive performance art practice of this century help to help unpack the application of phenomenology as Bacon calls for a queer reimagining of Heidegger’s ‘The Origin of the Work of Art.’

Yerma’s Eggs

Artist/Author: Anna Furse | Digital Reference: EF5223 | Type: Digital File

This performance project explored infertility and Assisted Reproduction Technologies (A.R.T) across the gender, sexuality, ethnic and reproductive experiences within the company.



Artist/Author: Manuel Vason | Editor: Dominic Johnson | Reference: P0915 | ISBN: 978-0907738848 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on One to One Performance by Rachel Zerihan (P1320)

Dr Roberts Magic Bus

Artist/Author: Kate Random | Reference: A0142 | Type: Article


Artist/Author: Lee Adams | Reference: D0378 | Type: DVD

Inhabits a liminal space, hovering somewhere between reverie and spectacle, hesitantly attempting to map the troubled psychic territory of our millenarian obsessions, anxieties, daydreams and nightmares.

London, May 2004.

The Body in Performance

Editor: Patrick Campbell | Reference: P0237 | ISBN: 90-5755-145-4 | Type: Publication

Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol 10, Part 3.