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Clare Thornton collection

Author: Clare Thornton | Reference: P3544

-Corridors, Stairways & Corners
-A Lexicon ofLabour Movements
-The Italic I (Tacturiency)
Generously donated to LADA's Study Room by Clare Thornton.

In the glass cabinet.

Eye Candy

Author: Louise Manifold | Reference: D2268

Live action.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Transfigured Night

Author: Alphonso Lingis | Reference: D2137

Part of Crossovers DVD series. A conversation between Alphonso Lingis and Adrian Heathfield

On Listening

Author: Performance Research | Reference: D1512

Accompanying CD for Performance Research: On Listening Vol. 15 No. 3.Linked articled A0336, A0335, A0334. Includes Listening-as-Touch: Paying attention to Rosemary Lee’s Common Dance, To See versus To Believe: A conversation on listening and The Horizon of Sound: Soliciting the Earwitness