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Cow Images

Artist/Author: George Chakravarthi | Reference: D2108 | Type: DVD

Photographs by George Chakravarthi taken at City of Women festival, 2013.


Artist/Author: Choi Jeong Hwa | Reference: P2288 | Type: Publication

Collection of images and documentation for Choi Jeong Hwa's first UK solo show in Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2007. Shelved in Oversize publications section.

David Wojnarowicz: Tongues of Flame

Editor: Barry Blinderman | Reference: P2219 | Type: Publication

Collection of texts and essays about the life and work of David Wojnarowicz

Pure Means: writing, photographs and an insurrection of being

Artist/Author: Yve Lomax | Reference: P2280 | ISBN: 9780955379291 | Type: Publication

Experimental text drawing fiction, philosophy and politics together.

Revisiting the Bonaventure Hotel

Artist/Author: Jaspar Joseph-Lester | Reference: P2278 | ISBN: 9780955379253 | Type: Publication

Photo-essay on the life of a building.

Improperganda: The Art of the Publicity Stunt

Editor: Mark Borkowski | Reference: P2264 | ISBN: 9781903399002 | Type: Publication

Collection of photographs with critical text.

Mihai Maniutiu: The Ever Changing Space

Artist/Author: Cristina Modreanu | Reference: P2259 | ISBN: 9786069234310 | Type: Publication

Monograph on Romanian theatre director Mihai Maniutiu.

Host: Heather Ackroyd, Daniel Harvey, Pierre D’Avoine

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P2258 | ISBN: 8890011114 | Type: Publication

Published to coincide with 1996 exhibition.

Intense Dreams: Reflections on Brazilian culture and performance

Artist/Author: Paul Heritage | Reference: P2257 | ISBN: 9780955117954 | Type: Publication

Documenting a research project which began in 1991.

James Luna: Emendatio

Artist/Author: James Luna | Reference: P2253 | ISBN: 9780971916364 | Type: Publication

Printed in conjunction with 2005 exhibition in Venice and New York

The Reality Shows: Karen Finley

Artist/Author: Karen Finley | Reference: P2252 | ISBN: 9781558616714 | Type: Publication

Karen Finley interprets the last decade of popular culture

Johnny Amore: Performers

Artist/Author: Johnny Amore | Reference: P2234 | ISBN: 97895256484009 | Type: Publication

since 2009, Johnny Amore has been taking portraits of artists who are active in the international performance and live art scene

The Drag King Book

Artist/Author: Del Lagrace Volcano, Judith 'Jack' Halberstam | Reference: P2243 | ISBN: 9781852426071 | Type: Publication

profiles of drag lives and performances

Clifford Owens: Anthology

Artist/Author: Clifford Owens | Reference: P2241 | ISBN: 9780984177660 | Type: Publication

Publication to coincide with exhibition, 2011, where Owens commissioned performance scores—written or graphical instructions for actions— from a multigenerational group of African-American artists.

Jo Spence: The Final Project

Artist/Author: Jo Spence | Reference: P2238 | ISBN: 9781905464814 | Type: Publication

Documentation of Jo Spence’s battle with leukaemia leading up to her death

Entertainment Island 6. Book

Artist/Author: Oblivia | Editor: Annika Tudeer | Reference: P2198 | ISBN: 9789529278480 | Type: Publication

Performance-company Oblivia looked into popular culture and entertainment by means of performance, photography and film in the project Entertainment Island spanning over three years. In Entertainment Island 6. The Book. Oblivia has collected texts, interviews and round table discussions on the theme and the processes behind the work.

Brian Conolly, Artist’s Collection

Artist/Author: Brian Conolly | Digital Reference: EF5081 | Type: Digital File

Collection/selection of past works since 2000. Images, power point presentation, CV, biographic statement, review of market stall performance in Toronto by Natalie Loveless as part of International Festival of Performance. Power point presentation of images from 'In Place of Passing' project initiated by Conolly and facilitated by Beyond Etc.

Live Arts Week II 2013

Artist/Author: various | Reference: P2159 | Type: Publication

Text in Italian and English.

A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Catherine Wood | Reference: P2128 | ISBN: 978-1-84976-020-1 | Type: Publication

A Bigger Splash: Painting After Performance takes a new look at the dynamic relationship between performance and painting from 1950 to the present day. Published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same title at the Tate Modern, 14 November 2012 – 1 April 2013.

Gillian Wearing

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Whitechapel Gallery | Reference: P1886 | ISBN: 978-1-905464-52-4 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from the Gillian Wearing exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery London 2012 providing an overview of the artists works from 1992-2010. See also: D1856 Gillian Wearing DVD


Artist/Author: Ruth Maclennan | Editor: Nina Ernst, Steven Bode | Reference: P1742 | ISBN: 978-1-904270-33-1 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide to Remoteness (P2600).

The Old Vibration/2 Le Deux

Artist/Author: SORO Performance Unit | Reference: P1637 | Type: Publication

All documents held in a brown paper envelope, labelled ‘Soro Performance Unit’. SORO means ‘The land contains the seed’ or ‘small road’ – it is intended to question the background to contemporary art activity from the perspective of human activity.

Anymous magazine 2000-2006

Artist/Author: Anymous | Reference: P1312 | Type: Publication

A non-profit community of authors based in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Performances documented in pictures: Phosphore, Let the Fly Eat You, Installation of stench, White is public, Vizor, Public autopsy, Stres-scio-metr, Chat, Teardrops etc.

Photos 2007/2008

Artist/Author: Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet - Le gend d'Uterpan | Reference: D1169 | Type: DVD

Still images documenting the duo’s work between 2007 and 2008.

Walking to Work

Artist/Author: Simon Whitehead | Reference: P1209 | ISBN: 978-0-9554020-0-5 | Type: Publication

An art book chronicling the recent work of west Wales based performance artist. For accompanying CD see REF. D1130.

Programme Notes: Case studies for locating experimental theatre

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine | Reference: P1169 | ISBN: 978-0954604040 | Type: Publication

A collection of case studies, interviews and essays which explores the ways in which contemporary theatre is changing through new relationship between mainstream venues and experimental practices. 108 pages, 16 black and white photographs, 12cm x 16.5cm. This item is referenced in the Dreams for an Institution Guide (P2313).

Performance Painting

Artist/Author: Yingmei Duan | Reference: D0671 | Type: DVD

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)

Matthew Barney: The Conversation Series 27

Artist/Author: Hans Ulrich Obrist | Reference: P2224 | ISBN: 9783863351991 | Type: Publication

Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews Matthew Barney

Other Spaces: Jo Longhurst

Artist/Author: David Drake | Reference: A0573 | Type: Article

Special ‘micro edition’ shelved in Oversize publications section.


Artist/Author: Linder | Editor: Dr. Veit Gorner, Henrich Dietz | Reference: P2222 | ISBN: 9783863353926 | Type: Publication

Catalogue for ‘Linder Femme/Objet’ exhibition at Musee d’Art moderne, Paris, 2013

Tatsumi Orimoto Event Photo and Poster Exhibition

Artist/Author: Tatsumi Orimoto | Reference: P2303 | Type: Publication

Art-Mama + Son With Big Bread (Event Photo, 2012), plus poster exhibition pamphlet for Art-Mama At Hospital in Fukushima (2012).

all swim in the river of life and lean towards salvation

Editor: Paul A. Darke | Reference: P2207 | ISBN: 9780956534897 | Type: Publication

Experiencing the 2012 Paralympics from a Disability Art Perspective

Top Along Below Inside: Lexicon of Spatial Dysfunction Volume I

Artist/Author: Vlatka Horvat | Reference: P2201 | ISBN: 9781881450337 | Type: Publication

Photography and text to coincide with a 2012 exhibition of Vlatka Horvat.

Don’t Waste Your Planet

Artist/Author: Vincent Riebeek, Florentina Holzinger | Reference: P2309 | Type: Publication

DIY zine given out by the artists during their performance of Kein Applaus fuer Scheisse at In Between Time, Bristol 2013.

McCarthy Rococo

Artist/Author: Stephen Maine | Reference: A0555 | Type: Article

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