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Five Shops

Artist/Author: FrenchMottershead | Reference: P0785 | Type: Publication

Photographs of five shops and their shoppers. Documentation of work as part of ANTI Festival, Kuopi Finland. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Social Engagement and Participation by FrenchMottershead (P1290)

Now & Then

Artist/Author: Ali Zaidi - motiroti | Reference: A0092 | Type: Article

feature on motiroti

Vauxhall Pleasure

Artist/Author: Anna Best | Reference: A0063 | Type: Article

Avant-gardism and the Fluxus Project

Artist/Author: Owen Smith | Reference: A0003 | Type: Article

A failed utopia or the success of invisibility?

Days of the Sledge Hammer

Artist/Author: Lone Twin | Reference: V0764 | Digital Reference: EV0764 | Type: Digital File

Excerpts from a series of shows and events, made over six years, variously attempting to merge bodies with other bodies of water. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

Black British Culture and Sociey - A Text Reader

Editor: Kwesi Owusu | Reference: P0366 | ISBN: 978-0415178464 | Type: Publication

Records the history of the post-war African and Caribbean diaspora, tracing the transformations of Black culture in British society.
This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Create News 1, September 2006: Andrew Cross

Artist/Author: Willie White, Andrew Cross | Reference: P1732 | Type: Publication

Willie White interviews Andrew Cross.

Pleasant Land

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: D0148 | Type: DVD

Selected documentation

Artist/Author: Anna Best | Reference: V0632 | Type: Video

The Wedding Project

Artist/Author: Anna Best | Reference: V0631 | Type: Video

A Real Pony Race for a Bridle

Artist/Author: Anna Best | Reference: V0630 | Type: Video

Live Culture / PHIL

Artist/Author: Anna Best | Reference: V0624 | Type: Video

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Social Engagement and Participation by FrenchMottershead (P1290)

Believe The Worst

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0512 | Type: Video

Occasional Sights - A London Guidebook of Missed Opportuniites and Things That Aren’t Always There

Artist/Author: Anna Best | Editor: Anna Best and Neil Chapman | Reference: P0425 | ISBN: 0 907879 66 7 | Type: Publication

Where From Here

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0432 | Type: Video

With The Lights On

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0427 | Type: Video

Pills 03:20:00

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0431 | Type: Video

Art for All? Their Policies and Our Culture

Editor: Mark Wallinger and Mary Warnock | Reference: P0225 | ISBN: 978-0953977208 | Type: Publication

A large format and graphically bold publication that goes to the very heart of contemporary debate about the responsibility and function of the arts and of artists in society today.

Platform Study Room Guide (P1820). This item is referenced in the Dreams for an Institution Guide (P2313) and the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Hang Up

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0430 | Type: Video

Shallow Water

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0428 | Type: Video

The Washroom Projects

Artist/Author: Jay Rechsteiner | Reference: V0763 | Type: Video

A social project that is driven by the participating members and their enthusiasm and willingness to create and be part of something special.

IBT Study Boxes Study Room Guide

Editor: Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright | Reference: P2104 | Type: Publication

In February 2013 the In Between Time Festival invited the Live Art Development Agency to curate a small selection of Study Boxes. Each Box contains between five and eight hand picked books and other materials drawn from the Study Room. Reflecting many of themes represented within In Between Time the Boxes hoped to inspire, excite and intrigue festival-goers who could rummage through them in their own time at the festival hub. Although the selected materials are no longer in their Study Boxes you can use the list of materials within the Study Room Guide to explore the themes and artists during your visit to the Agency’s Study Room. The Study Boxes are a collaboration between the Live Art Development Agency and Spill Festival of Performance. First created for the SPILL Festival in Ipswich in 2012.

HALF LIFE: A Community Response

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P2601 | Type: Publication

HALF LIFE was a major landscape work and the first co-production between The National Theatre of Scotland and NVA.  This item is part of the Study Room Guide to Remoteness (P2600).