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Beyond experience: culture, consumer & brand

Artist/Author: James H. Gilmore & B. Joseph Pine II | Editor: Tina Mermiri | Reference: P1811 | Type: Publication

On using art to render authenticity in business. Part of the Study Room Guide (P1820).

Trashing Performance, Common, Keynote

Artist/Author: Franco ‘Bifo' Berardi | Reference: D2104 | Type: DVD

Part of the Trashing Performance programme – the second year of Performance Matters – 25-29th October 2011.

The Open University

Artist/Author: Marcia Farquhar | Reference: D2104 | Type: DVD

A functioning outdoor lecture theatre in a roadside refuse skip and ad hoc lecture series on the subject of what is and what is not trash.

Part of the Trashing Performance programme, 25-29th October 2011.

Trashing Performance, Mainstream and Underground, Introduction and Keynote

Artist/Author: Gavin Butt, Neil Bartlett | Reference: D2104 | Type: DVD

Part of the Trashing Performance programme – the second year of Performance Matters – 25-29th October 2011.

Privatising Culture: Corporate Art Intervention since the 1980s

Artist/Author: Chin-tao Wu | Reference: P1757 | ISBN: 978-1-85984-472-4 | Type: Publication

Chin-tao Wu, Privatising Culture: Corporate Art Intervention since the 1980s- Platform Study Room Guide (P1820)

The Creativity Imperative: Investing in the arts in the 21st century

Artist/Author: Gerry Robinson | Reference: P1721 | Type: Publication

New Statesman Arts Lecture 2000, Banqueting House, Whitehall, 27 June 2000.

Mechanical Operations in Cambourne

Artist/Author: Helen Stratford, Lawrence Brady | Reference: P1662 | Type: Publication

Artist book: describes the measured environment of the newly built village of Cambourne through a series of drawings and pseudoscientific reports.

Art For Sale

Artist/Author: Ray Newe | Reference: A0395 | Type: Article

Ray Newe discovers what you’ll get for your money.

Art as Commodity, Art as Economic Power

Artist/Author: Rene Gimpel | Reference: A0381 | Type: Article

Third Text article.

Labour Practices: Ethics of Service and Ideas of Labour in Performance

Artist/Author: Mary Paterson | Reference: A0377 | Type: Article

Looks at the ways in which artists use ideas of service and labour as creative strategies. Find in misc. articles folder 2

Turning Point

Artist/Author: Arts Council England | Reference: P1707 | Type: Publication

Arts Council England, Turning Point, this paper sets out the Arts Council strategy for the contemporary visual arts in England for the next 10 years

Great art for everyone 2008-2011

Artist/Author: Arts Council England | Reference: P1567 | Type: Publication

Entangled - Technology and the Transformation of Performance

Artist/Author: Chris Salter | Reference: P1438 | ISBN: 9780262195881 | Type: Publication

Explores technology’s influence on artistic performance practices in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Labour Practices

Artist/Author: Mary Paterson | Reference: P1273 | Type: Publication

Paper written by Mary Paterson, presented at the event as part of the programme of the At Your Service exhibition at The David Roberts Art Foundation – also look at D1194, documentation of the event

Labour Practices

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1194 | Type: DVD

documentation of the event as part of the programme of the At Your Service exhibition at The David Roberts Art Foundation – also look at P1273 for the paper written by Mary Paterson and presented at the event

At your Service

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Cylena Simonds | Reference: P1247 | Type: Publication

Brochure to accompany the exhibition.

Immutability and Fashion: Chinese Contemporary Art in the Midst of Changing Surroundings

Editor: Kenji Misawa | Reference: P0074 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue.

Theatre & Globalisation

Artist/Author: Dan Rebellato | Editor: Jen Harvie and Dan Rebellato | Reference: P1242 | ISBN: 978-0-230-21830-7 | Type: Publication

Explores the contribution that theatre has made to our slowly evolving consciousness of our world as a whole. This item is referenced in the Making Routes Study Room Guide (P1964).

Dwelling Place

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1148 | Type: DVD

Video documentation of homonymous exhibition; 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition.

Two disks. Chinese and English. Accompanying publication REF. P1222.

Dwelling Place

Reference: P1222 | ISBN: 978-957-41-6075-4 | Type: Publication

Exhibition programme; 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition

Chinese with English translation.Accompanying dvd REF. D1148.

Call Cutta - A Documentary

Artist/Author: Rimini Protokoll | Reference: D1132 | Type: DVD

A documentary of the project by Rimini Protokoll. For further documentation see also REF P1215.

Explore Handbook - Improving Access to the Galleries for Disabled and Deaf People

Reference: P1183 | ISBN: 978-0-9559088-3-5 | Type: Publication

Double-face spiral-binded book. English and Welsh. The publication also features a CD-ROM, see Ref. D1126. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Disability and New Artistic Models by Aaron Williamson (P1529)

Cargo Sofia-X

Artist/Author: Rimini Protokoll | Reference: D0887 | Type: DVD

A Bulgarian truck-ride through European cities.

Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue

Artist/Author: Version 1.0 | Reference: D0839 | Type: DVD

A performance on the Australian government’s trade with the  Saddam Hussein regime.

Media Mutandis: a NODE.London Reader

Editor: Marina Vishmidt | Reference: P0810 | ISBN: 0-9552435-0-5 | Type: Publication

Projects a critical context around the Season of Media Arts in London March 2006 and provides another discursive dimension to the events of October 2005’s Open Season.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Violent Capital - Zhu Yu on File

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng | Reference: A0130 | Type: Article

 Zhu Yu’s xingwei yishu (behaviour art) and his controversial art actions reflect and critique the economic transition in China, and his performances become part of the “violent capital” of the new aesthetic economy.

Find article (2 copies) in misc. folder 1. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)

Good Circulation

Artist/Author: Jorg Heiser | Reference: A0095 | Type: Article

Explores the space between production and consumption.

Changing States - Contemporary Art and Ideas in an Era of Globalisation

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P0563 | ISBN: 1-899846-40-9 | Type: Publication

Featuring the work of over 100 artists and writers, this unique anthology maps the changing landscape of contemporary art and culture over the past decade in the context of global economics and local politics.

This item is part of the ‘Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art’ Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

Liveness: Performance in a Mediaized Culture

Artist/Author: Philip Auslander | Reference: P0240 | ISBN: 978-0415773539 | Type: Publication

Looking at specific instances of live performance such as theatre, rock music, sport, and courtroom testimony, Liveness offers penetrating insights into media culture, suggesting that media technology has encroached on live events to the point where many are hardly live at all. 

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Focus Live Art

Artist/Author: Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine | Reference: P0248 | Type: Publication

On the challenges facing policy and provision for Live Art in England.


Artist/Author: Lotty Rosenfeld | Reference: V0061 | Digital Reference: EV0061 | Type: Digital File


Artist/Author: Lotty Rosenfeld | Reference: V0064 | Digital Reference: EV0064 | Type: Digital File

The Invisible Hand: Art in the transition to another economy

Artist/Author: Charlie Tims, Shelagh Wright | Reference: P2301 | Type: Publication

A study on how the economy is affecting the arts.