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Artist/Author: Karolina Kucia, Tero Nauha | Reference: P1818 | ISBN: 978-952-5858-04-4 | Type: Publication

Assembles some of the concepts by the group exploring artistic practices.

Mutual Dependencies

Editor: Katharine Meynell | Reference: P1801 | ISBN: 978-1-906441-25-8 | Type: Publication

Posits the `social’ notion of art practice and attempts to challenge the idea of the artist engaged in a `singular’ dialogue.

Frogtopia Hongkornucopia

Artist/Author: Kwok Mang-Ho, The Frog King | Reference: P1774 | ISBN: 978-962847138-6 | Type: Publication

Catalogue published in conjunction with, Hong Kong’s exhibition at the 54th Venice Biennale, on view from 4 June to 27 November 2011. Includes artistic concept, curatorial statements, an essay by Ming Fay, and a dialogue between the artist and curators.


Artist/Author: Laura Wady | Reference: P1763 | ISBN: 978-0-9557348-4-7 | Type: Publication

A collection of illustrations.

The Cut

Editor: Chris Dorley-Brown | Reference: P1769 | Type: Publication

Interviews, maps, drawings, plans, archives, photos, histories from Hackney Wick

Without You There Isn’t Anything

Artist/Author: Patrick Ireland, Gemma Tipton | Reference: A0452 | Type: Article

Patrick Ireland in an Interview with Gemma Tipton. See also, Brutal Silences Study Room Guide, catalogue ref. no. P1661.

Lee, Kun-Yong, Performance, Installation, Drawing

Artist/Author: Lee Kun-Yong | Reference: P1658 | Type: Publication

Photographic documentation of the exhibition and essays on the artist. 4-16 October 2002.

Text in both Korean and English.

Documentation Bank: Anne Bean

Artist/Author: Anne Bean | Digital Reference: DB0109 | Type: Digital File

Part of the ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’, documentation of key works, and a selection of Agency projects:

Interior Die

Artist/Author: Jordan McKenzie | Digital Reference: DB0033 | Type: Digital File

Documentation Bank: Jordan McKenzie

Artist/Author: Jordan McKenzie | Digital Reference: DB0034 | Type: Digital File

Part of the ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’, documentation of key works, and a selection of Agency projects:

Talking Heads: Jordan McKenzie

Artist/Author: Jordan McKenzie | Digital Reference: DB0035 | Type: Digital File

‘Talking Heads’ are short presentations by artists to camera about their practice and approaches to making. The ‘Talking Heads’ films are part of the Agency’s ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, which consists of an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’ films, documentation of artists’ works and a selection of Agency projects:

To Whom it May Concern

Artist/Author: Helena Hamilton | Reference: P1614 | Type: Publication

A book of 23 images documenting a three week durational project at PS2 (Belfast).

This item is part of Brutal Silences: the Study Room Guide On Live Art In Ireland by Anna Maria Healy and Helena Walsh (P1661)

Like Love

Artist/Author: Sonia Boyce | Reference: P1544 | ISBN: 9783941644168 | Type: Publication

I Am 1984

Artist/Author: Barbara Matijevic, Giuseppe Chico | Reference: D1502 | Type: DVD


Artist/Author: Barbara Matijevic, Giuseppe Chico | Reference: D1501 | Type: DVD

S & P Stanikas Works

Artist/Author: S & P Stanikas | Reference: D1358 | Type: DVD

Artist documentation. jpeg, tif and ppt files.

Intellect - Books and Journals Catalogue 2010

Reference: P1419 | Type: Publication

2010 Catalogue. Intellect is an independent academic publisher in the fields of creative practice and popular culture, publishing scholarly books and journals in four distinct subject areas: visual arts, film studies, cultural and media studies, and performing arts.

Manchester 2050

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1406 | Type: Publication

Performance Saga - Interview 06 - Joan Jonas

Artist/Author: Joan Jonas | Editor: Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel | Reference: D1142 | Type: DVD

In her interview with Andrea Saemann and Chris Regn, Joan Jonas gives glimpses into her way of thinking and the beginnings of her career as an artist. 53 minutes. Recorded 2003.

Includes a booklet with an article by Katrin Grögel (P1230).


We Are the Landscape of All We Have Seen

Artist/Author: Isamu Noguchi | Reference: P1210 | ISBN: 1-871480-67-1 | Type: Publication

Freud on Holiday Volume II - A Disturbance of Memory

Artist/Author: Sharon Kivland | Reference: P1192 | ISBN: 978-960-87354-9-1978-0-9553092-3-6 | Type: Publication

Re-imagines journeys made (and sometimes dreamt) by Freud to European sites of archaeological importance. TheEnglish text is followed by a Greek translation.

sans titre (2005 -2007)

Artist/Author: Marie Cool Fabio Balducci | Reference: P1004 | ISBN: 978-2-940178-15-5 | Type: Publication

Created as part of an exhibition of the artists work. Black and white photocopies of the artists drawings.

Collective Space: 70 X 7 Connective Strategies for Urban Locations

Editor: Paul Chatterton | Reference: P0814 | ISBN: 1-873352-34-4 | Type: Publication

Work by Lucy and Jorge Orta.

Art - A Sex Book

Editor: John Waters and Bruce Hainley | Reference: P0799 | ISBN: 0-500-28435-0 | Type: Publication

Offers a provocative and personal interpretation of the theme of sex and sexuality in art.


Artist/Author: Timothy Hyman, Roger Malbert | Reference: P0707 | ISBN: 1-85332-209-1 | Type: Publication

Sheikh ‘n’ Vac

Artist/Author: Yara El-Sherbini | Reference: P0696 | ISBN: 1-870699-82-3 | Type: Publication

Artist book. The book plays with stereotypes about Muslims and satirizes their representations, confronting the reader with the tensions of religious an racial identities.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Drawing Projects

Artist/Author: Jordan McKenzie | Reference: D0311 | Type: DVD

Drawing From Perplexity

Artist/Author: Bruce Gilchrist | Reference: P0641 | Type: Publication