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En un Fist Fast

Artist/Author: La Congelada de Uva | Digital Reference: EF5281 | Type: Digital File

Abjection builds awareness of post-porn power, which breaks away from the outdated distinction between eroticism and pornography.

Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm

Artist/Author: Annie Sprinkle | Reference: D0775 | Type: DVD


Artist/Author: Annie Sprinkle | Reference: D0777 | Type: DVD

Holy Body: Erotic Ethics in Ron Athey and Juliana Snapper’s Judas Cradle

Artist/Author: Amelia Jones | Reference: A0132 | Type: Article

Find article in misc. folder 1. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

George and Martha

Artist/Author: Karen Finley | Reference: P0787 | ISBN: 978-1844670642 | Type: Publication

The Commander-in-Chief and the first lady of domesticity are having an affair…

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Hardcore from the Heart

Artist/Author: Annie Sprinkle | Reference: P0624 | ISBN: 0-8264-4893-3 | Type: Publication

The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of Sex in Performance.

Sweet Transvestite

Artist/Author: Bridge Markland | Reference: V0304 | Type: Video