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Mesearch and the Performing Body

Artist/Author: Mark Edward | Reference: P3627 | ISBN: 978-3-319-69997-4 | Type: Publication

An anthology of Edward’s creative practice-led projects.  Through the innovative practice of ‘mesearch’, in which the author is both theoriser and theorised, this study delivers a personal, creative narration, combining reflections and emotions in relation to self and performance.

Joss Carter documentation

Reference: P3052 | Type: Publication

Includes: Salavation poster and flyer, a production package, and a usb with video and photo documentation.

Slap & Tickle programme

Editor: Liz Aggiss | Reference: P2970 | Type: Publication

*currently unavailable*

A dark and ribald physical commentary on cultural mores, forays and sexual taboos. Aggiss places herself centre stage in this solo performance in a vociferously moving and disorientating display of contradictions and interpretations, on girls, ladies, women, mummys, mothers, bitches and dogs, pensioners and senior citizens.

Raimund Hoghe: Difference is his Theme

Artist/Author: Erin Brannigan | Reference: A0610 | Type: Article

The author reflects on choreographer Raimund Hoghe’s performance work as presented at the Sydney Festival 2012.

DV8 Physical Theater: Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men / Enter Achilles and Strange Fish

Artist/Author: DV8 Physical Theater | Reference: D2170 | Type: DVD


Parallel Slalom: A Lexicon of Non-Aligned Poetics

Editor: Bojana Cvejić, Goran Sergej Pristaš | Reference: P2541 | ISBN: 9788690589968 | Type: Publication

This collection touches upon numerous ideological categories that appear in the encounters between East and West as a consequence of the hierarchical matrix of the western narrative.

BELLYFLOP: The Pop Issue

Editor: Louise Mochia | Reference: P1687 | Type: Publication

BELLYFLOP magazine has developed as a collaborative artist-led undertaking based at Chisenhale Dance Space. It revolves primarily around the art of contemporary dance but also includes many other forms of performance. This issue contains images by Manuel Vason (pp. 32-35) and an article in Fresh AiR 2011 at Queen Mary, University of London (pp. 46-48).

Rosas danst Rosas

Artist/Author: Rosas - Thierry De Mey - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Reference: D1728 | Type: DVD

Director Thierry De Mey films a studio performance of the dance.

Taxi - 008: Steven Cohen

Artist/Author: Steven Cohen | Reference: P1201 | ISBN: 0-9584496-9-4 | Type: Publication

A comprehensive introduction to Cohen’s work.

Veronique Doisneau

Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: D0626 | Type: DVD


Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: D0623 | Type: DVD

Jerome Bel

Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: D0622 | Type: DVD

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

The Last Performance

Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: D0624 | Type: DVD

The Show Must Go On

Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: D0625 | Type: DVD

Pichet Klunchun and Myself

Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: D0627 | Type: DVD

Yann Marussich documentation

Artist/Author: Yann Marussich | Reference: D0385 | Type: DVD


Traversee (2004), Morsures (2004), Bleu Provisoire (2001), Coeur Affome (1997), Autoportrait dans une fourmilere (2003).


Artist/Author: Jerome Bel | Reference: V0560 | Type: Video


Delirio and Os Brasileiros

Artist/Author: Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira | Reference: D1877 | Type: DVD

Documentation of work from Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira.