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Haircuts by Children, and Other Evidence for a New Social Contract

Artist/Author: Darren O'Donnell | Reference: P3097 | ISBN: 978-1552453377 | Type: Publication

A practical proposal for the inclusion of children in as many realms as possible, not only as an expression of their rights, but as a way to intervene in the world and to disrupt the stark economic inequalities perpetuated by the status quo.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Kids (P3091).

This book is not currently available. 

Social Acupuncture: A Guide to Suicide, Performance and Utopia

Artist/Author: Darren O'Donnell | Reference: P2284 | ISBN: 9781552451700 | Type: Publication

Includes full text of A Suicide-Site Guide to the City and an essay on aesthetics of social intervention.

Inoculations: Four Plays

Artist/Author: Darren O'Donnell | Reference: P2285 | ISBN: 9781552450710 | Type: Publication

Play-texts ‘White Mice’, ‘Who Shot Jacques Lacan?’, ‘Radio Rooster Says That’s Bad’, and ‘Over’.