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Participation in Performance: Paradigms, Parallels and Pitfalls

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1070 | Type: DVD

A lively round-table discussion on the nature of participation in Live Art. Part of Sacred Season at the Chelsea Theatre, 28 April – 10 May 2008 (For full programme see REF. P1132).


Artist/Author: Curiuos | Reference: D1059 | Type: DVD

. Followed by a discussion with Curious

Minimal Interventions

Artist/Author: Jordan McKenzie | Reference: D1048 | Type: DVD

Documentation of four performance interventions at various sites in London


Artist/Author: John Frankland | Reference: P1124 | Type: Publication

Publication accompanying the permanent public realm sculpture project for Shoreditch Park and Mabley Green. Accompanying video documentation REF. D1038.

Three Short Films About “Dinner with America”

Artist/Author: Rajni Shah | Reference: D1041 | Type: DVD

Films by Lucy Cash. Total duration: 27 mins.


Artist/Author: John Frankland | Reference: D1038 | Type: DVD

A permanent public realm sculpture project for Shoreditch Park and Mabley Green.

With accompanying booklet, REF. P1124.23.25 minutes.

100 Years 100 Artists 100 Works of Art

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1119 | Type: Publication

Guide accompanying the exhibition and auction of works dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the roundel.

Cleanskins - POPP.021

Artist/Author: Stevie Deas | Reference: P1104 | Type: Publication

Booklet of abstract drawings to ‘record’ the the route of the Number 30 bus.

The White Room

Artist/Author: Para-Site Theatre Company | Reference: D1018 | Type: DVD

Performance video.

Miss High Leg Kick’s Fashion Bus on the Square - Collection 2008

Artist/Author: Francesca Baglioni | Reference: D1014 | Type: DVD

Project presented as part of Trafalgar Square Festival. DVD ROM version for cross-platform and selected DVD players. All video files are in VTS format – VLC compliant.


Artist/Author: Michelle Horacek | Reference: D0979 | Type: DVD

Durational performance, 1-21 February 2008.

DLR Art: Introducing the Docklands Light Railway Public Arts Strategy

Reference: P1092 | Type: Publication

Publication documenting the projects and proposals for the installation of permanent and temporary public art on stations, trains and public spaces.

The Monster in the Night of the Labyrinth

Artist/Author: Lee Adams, Ron Athey, Stav B, Ernst Fischer, Helen Spackman | Reference: D0763 | Type: DVD

Documentation from a major contemporary live art event curated by performance artists Lee Adams & Ron Athey and produced by the Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre, London, as part of the exhibition Undercover Surrealism.


Artist/Author: Leslie Hill & Helen | Reference: D0715 | Type: DVD

A ten minute documentary made in collaboration with the NSPCC and a group of inspiring African teenagers who were brought or trafficked into the UK but overcame desperate situations and, with incredible will, built new lives for themselves in London.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Artist/Author: Jonty Semper | Reference: D0663 | Type: DVD

Archival recordings of Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday two minute silences recorded at The Cenotaph, Whitehall, London, United Kingdom.

Seven Walks, London 2004-5

Artist/Author: Francis Alys | Reference: P0704 | ISBN: 1-902201-18-3 | Type: Publication

This item is referenced in the Making Routes Study Room Guide (P1964).

Surface Tension - Problematics of Site

Artist/Author: Ken Ehrlich and Brandon LaBelle | Reference: P0667 | ISBN: 0-9655570-4-9 | Type: Publication

Women artists and their derelict houses in London.


Artist/Author: Mark Dion | Editor: Alex Coles and Mark Dion | Reference: P0627 | ISBN: 1-901033-91-0 | Type: Publication

As part of Tate Moderns pre-opening programme in 1999, artist Mark Dion and a team of local volunteers combed the shore of the river at Bankside in front of Tate Modern, and at Millbank, opposite Tate Britain.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide to Remoteness (P2600).

Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination in London

Artist/Author: James Leadbitter | Reference: D0237 | Type: DVD

Company documentation.

Who Was That Man? A Present for Mr Oscar Wilde

Artist/Author: Neil Bartlett | Reference: P1782 | ISBN: 978-1-85242-123-6 | Type: Publication

Sitting up reading late at night, the author reflects on the links between the homosexual of the 1980s and his counterparts of a century ago, between gay lives today and those of Oscar Wilde, his friends, lovers and acquaintances.


Artist/Author: The Library of Insurrectionary Imagination | Digital Reference: EF080 | Type: Digital File

Live Art

Editor: Robert Ayers and David Butler | Reference: P0043 | ISBN: 0 907730 13 2 | Type: Publication

This publication on loan from Paula Brown at ACE.

Focus Live Art

Artist/Author: Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine | Reference: P0248 | Type: Publication

On the challenges facing policy and provision for Live Art in England.

Body House (vers.2)

Artist/Author: Shabnam Shabazi | Reference: D2071 | Type: DVD

Part of Sacred, a season of contemporary performance at the Chelsea Theatre, London, 19 October 2012 – 1 February 2013. No. 3 of 10. For the complete series see Ref. D2069-D2078.