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The global politics of the stage

Artist/Author: Theron Schmidt | Editor: Keith Gallasch, Virginia Baxter | Reference: A0694 | Type: Article

Review of LIFT 2014.

Eat, Drink, LIFT: reflections on the festival

Artist/Author: Nicholas Ridout | Reference: A0410 | Type: Article

On the festival of international theatre.

Changing the Performance: A Companion Guide to Business and Civic Engagement

Artist/Author: Julia Rowntree | Reference: P1600 | Type: Publication

A book about the arts and about business, and the interplay between the two. Part of the Platform Study Room Guide (P1820).

The Turning World

Artist/Author: Rose De Wend Fenton and Lucy Neal | Reference: P0687 | ISBN: 1-903080-03-7 | Type: Publication