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Richard Crow: ICA Live Weekends: Futures and Pasts

Artist/Author: Richard Crow | Reference: D1442 | Type: DVD

ICA Weekends documentation.

Expedition - European Platform for Artistic Exchanges

Editor: Bernard Wooding | Reference: P1179 | ISBN: 2-915150-06-0 | Type: Publication

Publication documenting the three stages of a collaboration between multiple European theatres. 2007-2008

Akademia Ruchu - City. The Field of Action

Artist/Author: Akademia Ruchu | Reference: D1124 | Type: DVD

Video documentation of the work/actions carried out by the theatre/performance group (Academy of Movement) in the public space of the city. The subject covers the group’s highly diverse, interdisciplinary activity in the social environment, including stage shows, gallery presentations, street actions and activities in the various planes of urban space, cultural animation, workshop and publications. Accompanying publication REF. P1167Polish and English.

Akademia Ruchu - City. The Field of Action

Artist/Author: Akademia Ruchu | Reference: P1167 | ISBN: 978-83908798-3-3 | Type: Publication

Text accompanying DVD see REF. D1124, Polish with English translation. A documentation of the work/actions carried out by the theatre/performance group Akademia Ruchu (Academy of Movement) in the public space of the city.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice - Wishful Thinking in Art and Design

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Katya García-Antón, Emily King and Christian Brändle | Reference: P1095 | ISBN: 978-3-905829-24-2 | Type: Publication

Catalogue published in occasion of the homonymous exhibition. English and French.

Act Art 5: Till death us do art

Artist/Author: Rachel Lois Clapham | Reference: A0193 | Type: Article

A one night interdisciplinary art and nightclub festival.clu

the user manual

Artist/Author: SwanQuake | Editor: Scott deLahunta | Reference: P1011 | ISBN: 978-1-84102-172-0 | Type: Publication

A selection of articles & essays which reflect upon the project SwanQuake.SwanQuake is a unique project involving the ongoing making of an interactive artwork comprising 3-D computer graphic environments and motion-capture driven characters created from a variety of materials and methods by an interdisciplinary team gathered together and led by igloo.Authors: Scott deLahunta (editor) Johannes Birringer, Helen Stuckey, Shiralee Saul, Bruno Martelli, Ruth Gibson, John McCormick, Katharine Neil, Alex Jevremovic, Adam Nash, Helen Sloan, Stephen Turk, Marco Gillies, Harry Brenton & David Surman.

Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance

Artist/Author: various | Editor: Judith Rugg & Michele Sedgwick | Reference: P1006 | ISBN: 978-1-84150-162-8 | Type: Publication

In four thematic sections, a group of contributors consider curation in light of interdisciplinary and emerging practices, examine conceptions of curation as intervention and contestation, and explore curation’s potential to act as a reconsideration of conventional museum spaces.

This item is referenced in the Dreams for an Institution Guide (P2313).

In Presentable 03-07

Editor: Juan Dominguez | Reference: P0928 | ISBN: 978-84-96917-01-9 | Type: Publication

Festival documentation.

Low Tide: Writings on Artists’ Collaborations

Artist/Author: Jeni Walwin | Reference: P0762 | ISBN: 1 901033 85 6 | Type: Publication

During the nineties inter-disciplinary collaborative practice emerged as one of the most significant art form developments of the decade, yet it received negligible critical attention.

Pleasant Land

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: D0148 | Type: DVD

Believe The Worst

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0512 | Type: Video

Where From Here

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0432 | Type: Video

Pills 03:20:00

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0431 | Type: Video

Hang Up

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0430 | Type: Video

Shallow Water

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0428 | Type: Video

With The Lights On

Artist/Author: Third Angel | Reference: V0427 | Type: Video

Stitt: Substance - Residues, Drawings & Partial Objects 1976-2008

Artist/Author: André Stitt | Reference: P2695 | ISBN: 9780955922800 | Type: Publication

This exhibition catalogue explores the material & hidden narratives that inform Stitt’s public demonstrations as an internationally acclaimed performance artist. Including introductions by Nicola Hood and Heike Roms with interviews & texts by Stewart Home, Simon Herbert, Roddy Hunter, Lukasz Guzak & Phil Babot plus an exclusive interview investigating formative work made in Belfast during the late nineteen seventies.

Testigo De Las Ruinas (Witness to the Ruins - English version)

Artist/Author: Mapa Teatro | Reference: D2128 | Type: DVD

Documentation of Colombian performance, English version.