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A Manifesto for a New Walking Culture: ‘dealing with the city’

Artist/Author: Wrights & Sites | Reference: A0849 | Type: Article

A manifesto for the active and creative pedestrian – envisioning a walking that is neither a functional necessity (to shops, to work) nor a passive appreciation of (or complaint about) the urban environment.

LEAP The International Art Magazine of China

Reference: P2518 | ISBN: 1003-6865 | Type: Publication

LEAP is a bilingual art magazine of contemporary China presenting a  mix of contemporary art coverage and cultural commentary from the cutting edge of the Chinese art scene. Issue 21, June 2013.

The Society of the Spectacle

Artist/Author: Guy Debord | Reference: D2055 | Type: DVD

In French with English subtitles. The Society of Spectacle was written and directed by Guy Debord based on his book of the same name. (Simar Films, 1973). 89 minutes.

Unsettling Representation: Monuments, Theatre, and Relational Space

Artist/Author: Theron Schmidt | Reference: A0340 | Type: Article

Explores the ways in which theatrical techniques might intervene in the representational operations of monuments.

Encountering Art

Artist/Author: Dave Beech | Reference: A0313 | Type: Article

Review of Jacques Ranciere’s The Emancipated Spectator

Land and Environmental Art

Artist/Author: J Kastner and B Wallis | Reference: P0530 | ISBN: 0-7148-3514-5 | Type: Publication

The definitive survey not only of Land Art but also of contemporary environmental art.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide to Remoteness (P2600) and the Study Room Guide: A Bi(bli)ography of Insurrectionary Imaginati by John Jordan (P0793)