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Weather: Immersive & Calm and turbulence

Artist/Author: Tim X Atack and Osunwunmi | Editor: Keith Gallasch, Virginia Baxter | Reference: A0692 | Type: Publication

Two reviews of IMBT 15.

Untitled cassette

Artist/Author: Tim Etchells | Reference: P2856 | Type: Publication

Cassette tape; title: 'Crowd Scan. Final version. (Radio J.)'

Unknown date.

Somewhere Near Variety

Artist/Author: Tim Etchells and Adrian Heathfield | Reference: D2199 | Type: DVD

In a series of letters composed to each other and delivered to camera, artist Tim Etchells and writer Adrian Heathfield examine what underlies their shared interest in the notion and forms of Variety.

73 minutes. 2006.

Unparalleled Programme

Artist/Author: Tim Etchells | Reference: P2801 | Type: Publication

A scurrilous series of imaginary hyperbolic art-world related events conceived as an impossible parallel programme for the exhibition In An Absolut World True Taste Comes Naturally at Camberwell Space, London, April 29 – June 5, 2015.

Dirty Work

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0390 | Digital Reference: EV0390 | Type: Video

Great Lengths: Seven Works of Marathon Theater

Artist/Author: Jonathan Kalb | Reference: P2113 | ISBN: 978-0472117956 | Type: Publication

Kalb weaves his impressive historical knowledge of theatre into detailed descriptions of marathon productions he has seen and studied.

While You Are With Us Here Tonight

Artist/Author: Tim Etchells | Reference: P2106 | Type: Publication

Organised around the text from ‘First Night’ (2001) the book reflects on Etchells’ practice with Forced Entertainment and solo work, while exploring contemporary performance documentation.