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Wend Iwade

Editor: Richard Houguez | Reference: P2962 | ISBN: 978-0-9935123-1-5 | Type: Publication

Publication on the project which saw the artist working with the residents of Iwade from July 2015 to explore the village’s changing identity in the flux of the new build development. The project included workshops, residencies and live events hosted by artists, musicians and archeologists.

A Story of Deception

Artist/Author: Francis Alys | Reference: P1476 | ISBN: 9781854378408 | Type: Publication

Exhibition documentation.

This item is referenced in the Making Routes Study Room Guide (P1964).

Sometimes Doing Something Poetic Can Become Political....

Artist/Author: Francis Alys | Reference: P1475 | ISBN: 976913674 | Type: Publication

…and Sometimes Doing Something Political Can Become Poetic.

An extension of Alÿs’s previous projects called “Paseos” (Spanish for “walks”), where the artist carries out certain acts while walking through a predetermined location

Book includes a DVD. This item is referenced in the Making Routes Study Room Guide (P1964).

Take Me to a Place

Artist/Author: Misha Myers | Reference: D0251 | Type: DVD

A song map of Plymouth composed in a collaboration between the city's international residents of and students from Dartington College of Arts.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR).