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Organ Player

Author: Narcissister | Reference: D2320

One of the contemporary art world’s most acclaimed mixed-media & performance artists, is the subject of this smart, sassy documentary that showcases her spectacle-rich approach to explorations of gender, racial identity, and sexuality. Bonus features include two deleted scenes.


Unicorn: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen

Author: Amrou Al-Kadhi | Reference: P4058 | ISBN: 978-0008306069

From a god-fearing Muslim boy enraptured with their mother, to a vocal, queer drag queen estranged from their family, this is a heart-breaking and hilarious memoir about the author’s fight to be true to themself.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Bi-Curious George and Other Side Kicks

Author: Lucy Hutson | Reference: D2300

Peformance video: The Yard Theatre, London, January 2018 (1hr)

For a digital copy see EF5286.

The Knotty Ethics of Using Family Material in History History History

Author: Deborah Pearson | Reference: A0742

On negotiating consent and ethics in autobiographical performance. With contributions from Mary Pearson.

Performance and the Maternal

Author: Emily Underwood-Lee and Lena Simic | Reference: A0716

Correspondences exchanged between the two authors as part of the Performance and the Maternal project.

Job Centre Junior

Author: Amelia Beavis-Harrison | Reference: P3179 | ISBN: 978-82-690680-0-9

Newspaper accompanying the performance installation which focuses on how policy change directly affects low income families through austerity measures that sanction welfare claimants and push people into vulnerable positions. Includes interviews and performance script.

Oogly Boogly

Author: Guy Dartnell, Tom Morris, Emma Gladstone | Reference: D2235

What happens when a 12-18 month old is let loose in a soft, safe space with someone who follows and reflects their every sound, move and mood? The interaction between babies, performers and the audience of parents and carers is what makes this an utterly unpredictable event.  

Includes a 10 minute edit and a video of the 45 minute performance a the 2005 Melbourne Festival.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Kids (P3091).

Perambulator documentation

Author: Clare Qualmann | Reference: P3002

Documentation from a performance project, which made visible issues around walking with a pram. Through a series of pram walking events around Huntly–town and country–Clare tried to make visible this, and other spaces, and their fitness for people with young children.

Includes the programme and blog posts.

Part of Live Art and Motherhood: A Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal (P3025).

Live Art and Motherhood

Author: Lena Simic, Mary Paterson and Chloe Dechery | Reference: P2830

Two recommended reading lists of titles, artists and groups related to Live Art and Motherhood.

See uploaded files. 

We Go to the Gallery: A Dung Beetle Learning Book

Author: Miriam Elia, Ezra Elia | Reference: P2818 | ISBN: 978-0992834906

*currently unavailable*

Join John and Susan on their exciting journey through the art exhibition, where, with Mummy's help, they will discover the real meaning of all the contemporary art works – from empty rooms, to vagina paintings or giant inflatable dogs.