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Donor Thank you event

Digital Reference: EF5377

Documentation of the thank you event for LADA donors. Part of LADA at 20.

The Arts Britain still Ignores?

Author: Jerri Daboo | Digital Reference: EF5370

Forty years since the publication of Naseem Khan’s seminal report The Arts Britain Ignores, how much has changed?

Archives of the Ephemeral

Author: Pascale Grau, Margarit von Büren, Olivia Jaques, Tabea Lurk, Valerian Maly, Julia Wolf | Reference: P4121

Publication about the project which brought questions of archiving performance art to a broader public. In German and English.

Dance and the National Lottery

Author: Nikki Crane | Reference: A0812

Interview with Jeremy Newton, director of the Lottery.

Money Matters

Author: Jeanette Siddall | Reference: A0810

Argues for stronger lobbying fo dance in the UK.

National Dance Agencies

Author: Sarah Rubidge | Reference: A0804

On NDAs, established in early 90's.

Editorial: Why London is Being Deprived of Dance

Author: Chris de Marigny | Reference: A0785

On shrinking contexts for dance in London.

Funding Dance - Two Perspectives

Author: Anthony Peppiatt and Graeme Kay | Reference: A0779

Two articles discussing funding patterns in early 80's

Double Your Money with Scottee documentation

Digital Reference: EF5172

Documentation from Double Your Money, LADA's Catalyst supported initiative offering artists £1,000 and inviting them to turn it into (at least) £2,000 which would be split equally between the artist and LADA.

When Attitudes Become Form Philip Morris Becomes Sponsor

Author: Hubertus Butin | Reference: P1812

Arts sponsorship in Europe against the background of developments in America. Ethics. Policy.

Part of the Platform Study Room Guide (P1820)