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We are the Roma!: One Thousand Years of Discrimination

Artist/Author: Valeriu Nicolae | Reference: P3130 | ISBN: 978-0857420381 | Type: Publication

Nicolae, himself a Romanian Roma, gives voice to the Roma cause, offering a precise and candid look at their current situation.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

Oleg Kulik documentation

Digital Reference: EF5233 | Type: Digital File


– MOMMA film 7’42”

– Family of the Future, 22’22”

– I Can’t Keep Silence Any More, 2’42”

– Missionary, London 2012, 5’28; Moscow, 1995, 5’38 and 2’20”

– Pavlov’s Dog, 3’49”

– Two Kuliks, 5’58

The House of Cards

Artist/Author: Serhii Zakharov | Reference: P2929 | Type: Publication

Pack of cards, featuring officials of the self proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic. 

Larger cards are used in the eponymous performance.


Reference: P2928 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue. 18 September – 12 October 2014. Curated by Clemens Poole.

In Ukranian and English.

A curated program of temporary public art installations throughout the city of Kyiv, challenging artists and viewers to creatively address the changing physical, emotional, and social concepts of occupation.

Izolyatsia 2012

Reference: P2927 | Type: Publication

A report on artistis-in-resdiency, art projects, educational events, creative village, inernational cooperation; includes end of year results.