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Organ Player

Author: Narcissister | Reference: D2320

One of the contemporary art world’s most acclaimed mixed-media & performance artists, is the subject of this smart, sassy documentary that showcases her spectacle-rich approach to explorations of gender, racial identity, and sexuality. Bonus features include two deleted scenes.


Franko B

Reference: P3572 | ISBN: 9781906470159

A new collection of images and texts depicting the artist's recent activities and project with Live Art Bistro, East Street Arts and Leeds Beckett University.

Oh Yes! Oh No!: A Good Girl’s Guide to Liberating Your Orgasm

Author: Louise Orwin | Digital Reference: EF5264

Documentation from the DIY 13 project: a performance artist and novice sexual deviant attempts to liberate your orgasm via a journey through Leeds’ sex scene.

Visions of Excess: Selected Writings, 1927-1939

Author: Georges Bataille | Reference: P2429 | ISBN: 9780816612833

Selected writings of French surrealist Georges Bataille.

Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance

Reference: P2426 | ISBN: 9781902806921

Exploring a range of topics, including Greek tragedy, Shakespearean theater, contemporary British plays, opera, and the theatricality of Parisian culture, this compilation provides new perspectives on the relationship between Eros and Death in a series of dramatic texts, theatrical practices, and cultural performances

Lifting Belly

Author: Gertrude Stein | Reference: P0993 | ISBN: 0-941483-51-7

Almost entirely written during Stein’s and Alice B. Toklas’ staying in Majorca during 1915 and 1916.