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Love on Me

Artist/Author: Jon John | Digital Reference: EF5347 | Type: Digital File

Draws strength from conversations with the performance artist Ron Athey and readings from Illness as Metaphor, by Susan Sontag.

Please note that Queen Mary University of London holds the entire archive of the late artist.

The 2 of Us

Artist/Author: Jon John | Digital Reference: EF5346 | Type: Digital File

A romantic exploration performance about love and human relationships.

Please note that Queen Mary University of London holds the entire archive of the late artist.


Editor: Marc Nochella | Reference: P3927 | ISBN: 0-914661124 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of the exhibition of Wilke's last work. January 8 – February 19, 1994, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

Trans*Plant: My Disease is an Artistic Creation

Artist/Author: Quimera Rosa | Reference: P3936 | Type: Publication

Information on a new transdisciplinary project of plant / human / animal / machine hybridisation started in 2016. 

Not Reckless but Reckful

Artist/Author: Dominic Johnson | Reference: A0847 | Type: Article

Interview with Ulay.

Nipples! I have no Nipples!

Artist/Author: Pam Patterson | Reference: D2270 | Type: DVD

On brest cancer and resistance.

Part of PSI 12.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Jo Spence: The Final Project

Artist/Author: Jo Spence | Reference: P2238 | ISBN: 9781905464814 | Type: Publication

Documentation of Jo Spence’s battle with leukaemia leading up to her death

BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer

Artist/Author: Brian Lobel | Reference: P1865 | ISBN: 978-1-84943-168-2 | Type: Publication

Documenting a trilogy of Brian Lobel's monologue performances from 2001-2011 about illness and the changing body over time. See D1845, ‘Cancer Cancer Cancer…' for documentation of Brian Lobel's performances


Artist/Author: Natasha Davis | Reference: D1250 | Type: DVD

A series of episodes exploring life in a spasm, liminal spaces and the body as a permanent site of trauma.


Artist/Author: Brian Lobel | Reference: A0184 | Type: Article

Originally printed in Text and Performance Quarterly, Vol. 28, Nos 1-2, Jan-April 2008 pp.160-177. Find article in misc. folder 1.

Andy Kaufman: Wrestling with the American Dream

Artist/Author: Florian Keller | Reference: P2296 | ISBN: 9780816646036 | Type: Publication

Critical text on the life and work of Andy Kaufman.