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The Masks of Mime

Artist/Author: Lesley-Anne Sayers | Reference: A0794 | Type: Article

On the 10th International Mime Festival.

The Avant-garde: Race, Religion, War

Artist/Author: Mike Sell | Reference: P3500 | ISBN: 978-1906497996 | Type: Publication

How have avant-gardes been shaped by racism and contributed to racist power and imperialism? How have the claims made by avant-garde political and artistic groups to liberate humanity been indebted to religious intolerance? And how has the vanguard commitment to radical cultural action contributed to war, terror, and destruction? 

Mine-Haha: Or, on the Bodily Education of Young Girls

Artist/Author: Frank Wedekind | Reference: P3095 | ISBN: 978-1843914556 | Type: Publication

At once a dystopian fantasy and a critique of sexual norms, this novella describes a unique boarding  institution for girls – part idyllic refuge, part prison – where pupils are trained only in the physical arts of movement, dance and music, before issuing into an adult world for which they have (unwittingly) been prepared. Presented alongside two rare, complementary short fictional pieces: The Burning of Egliswyl and The Sacrificial Lamb.
Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Kids (P3091).

Modernist and Avant-Garde Performance An Introduction

Artist/Author: Claire Warden | Reference: P2684 | ISBN: 978-0748681556 | Type: Publication

This textbook introduces the important traditions and conventions of the modernist avant-garde, reassesses theatrical techniques, and provides examples of plays and performances from across Europe and America.

East Village USA

Artist/Author: Dan Cameron | Reference: P2388 | ISBN: 0-915557-88-6 | Type: Publication

Extracts from exhibition catalogue for “East Village USA” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art revisiting the sprawling, renegade art scene that flourished in the East Village during the 1980s. Text partially obscured.