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Radical Prototypes: Allan Kaprow and the Invention of Happenings

Artist/Author: Judith F. Rodenbeck | Reference: P2798 | ISBN: 978-0262526128 | Type: Publication

Rodenbeck offers a rigorous art historical reading of Kaprow’s project and related artworks. She finds that these experiential and experimental works offered not a happy communalism but a strong and canny critique of contemporary sociality. Happenings, she argues, were far more ambivalent, negative, and even creepy than they have been portrayed, either in contemporaneous accounts or in more recent efforts to connect them to contemporary art’s participatory strategies.

Modernist and Avant-Garde Performance An Introduction

Artist/Author: Claire Warden | Reference: P2684 | ISBN: 978-0748681556 | Type: Publication

This textbook introduces the important traditions and conventions of the modernist avant-garde, reassesses theatrical techniques, and provides examples of plays and performances from across Europe and America.

Road Kill

Artist/Author: Shin-Hue Tu | Reference: D1006 | Type: DVD

Chinese only. Audio CD accompanying publication REF P1077.

Road Kill

Artist/Author: Shin-Hue Tu | Reference: P1077 | ISBN: 978-957-41-4493-8 | Type: Publication

Chinese only.

Breakfast for One

Artist/Author: Shin-Hue Tu | Reference: P1079 | ISBN: 957-41-0328-5 | Type: Publication

In Chinese only.