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Hotel Pro Forma

Artist/Author: Hotel Pro Forma | Reference: P1451 | Type: Publication

Retrospective catalogue of the company’s work.

Afterlife - Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey

Editor: Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey | Reference: P0216 | Type: Publication

Co produced by Beaconsfield and Artsadmin. Exhibition dates 16 May – 10 June 2001. This item is part of the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)


Artist/Author: Kinkaleri | Reference: A0270 | Type: Article

Galleria Accursio. Bologna 23-26 Apr 2007.

Radiator 2009 - Exploits in the Wireless City

Reference: P1189 | Type: Publication

Programme of the The 4th Radiator festival and symposium (13th – 24th January 2009).

Ladies, All the Ladies

Artist/Author: Lucy Woollett | Reference: D1125 | Type: DVD

An inspiring portrait of women MCs, DJs, producers and performers involved in Urban music, all of whom use the prefix Lady. Bristol, 26-29 November 2008.

Full Circle

Artist/Author: Eduardo Padilha and Michael Schwab | Editor: Kiki Mazzucchelli and Jonathan Miles | Reference: P1129 | Type: Publication

Booklet accompanying homonymous project which included two exhibitions,a workshop, a publication and a website. Eduardo Padilha and Michael Schwab work in collaboration using the geometric concept of the circle as a tool to create works related to lived experience and urban environment. Small size booklet in A4 folder.

Liverpool Biennial - Engaging Art, People and Place.

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1126 | Type: Publication

Open pack containing a number of loose informative material on the biennial.  20 Sept – 30 Nov 2008. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195).

Arts 00+7

Artist/Author: Gwendoline Robin | Reference: P1010 | Type: Publication

Associates the object with the body in space to create installations and performances. Uses the artist’s body in response to the danger and poetry of fire given off from an explosion. Exhibition catalogue

History will repeat itself

Artist/Author: Richard Grayson | Reference: A0179 | Type: Article

On re-enactment in contemporary art and performance.

Various Photos

Artist/Author: Wang Peng | Reference: D0391 | Type: DVD

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)

Curating New Media

Editor: Sarah Cook, Beryl Graham, Sarah Martin | Reference: P0721 | ISBN: 1-903655-06-4 | Type: Publication

Beryl Graham & Sarah Cook on the challenges of exhibiting massless media.


Artist/Author: David Collins | Reference: V0740 | Type: Video

Documentation from the Domestically Spaced exhibition at Space Station Sixty-Five.

Do Not Interrupt Your Activities

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P0643 | ISBN: 1-905000-11-1 | Type: Publication

Exhibition curated by students on Curating Contemporary Art MA.

Disclaimer - A Fellowship Project

Artist/Author: Carey Young | Reference: P0518 | Type: Publication

A leaflet from a 2002 exhibition featuring four legal “disclaimers” about the artwork and the gallery itself

Alastair MacLennan Knot

Artist/Author: Alastair MacLennan | Reference: P0434 | Type: Publication

Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Alastair MacLennan Knot Naught – A Retrospective” at Ormeau Baths Gallery. This item is part of the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)

A Public Auction of Private Art Works

Artist/Author: Nina Pope | Reference: V0493 | Type: Video

See exhibition catalogue in artists’ files.

Feng Shui

Editor: Elspeth Sage | Reference: P0078 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue.

Middling English

Artist/Author: Caroline Bergvall | Reference: P2213 | ISBN: 9780854329113 | Type: Publication

Publication to coincide with Caroline Bergvall exhibition, Southampton, 2010 – includes DVD

Art in a City Revisited

Editor: Bryan Biggs, Julie Sheldon | Reference: P2203 | ISBN: 9781846310836 | Type: Publication

Collection of essays exploring contemporary art in Liverpool

Archiving Cane

Artist/Author: Loo Zihan | Reference: P2297 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from exhibition in Singapore, 2012. There is also a corresponding DVD.

The Inner Voice / I Am Big

Artist/Author: Deborah Levy | Reference: P2305 | Type: Publication

Archive materials including a script by Deborah Levy entitled The Inner Voice: I Am Big. There is a corresponding DVD.