I Married Wyatt Earp – a performance


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Artist / Author Lucky Pierre, Vincent Dermody, Noah Loesberg, Joseph Silovsky, Mary Zerkel, Michael Thomas
Reference D1826
Date 1999
Type DVD


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I Hate America! (I Love America) - documentation

Artist/Author: Lucky Pierre | Digital Reference: EF5219 | Type: Digital File

Clip from 10 hours of live continuous conversation between participants in London and Chicago compressed to 30 minutes. Participants discussed one of the five topics addressed in the question “Who Owns Myth, Pop, Money, Race, and Terror in the Land of the Free?”.

Part of DIY 13.


I Hate America! (I Love America): Who Owns Myth, Pop, Money, Race & Terror in the Land of the Free

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Video from a six-month collaboration and conversation between artists in the UK and the US which culminated on November 30, 2013 in concurrent daylong events in London and Chicago.

Part of DIY 13; project developed by Lucky Pierre.


100 Actions for Chicago Torture Justice

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In response to the torture inflicted by the Chicago Police from 1972 to 1992, and as part of The Chicago Torture Justice Memorial Project, Lucky Pierre is creating 1000 actions for Chicago torture justice. As of 5 October 2012, Lucky Pierre has generated 100 actions for Chicago torture justice documented in this booklet.

Rock and Roll: Impatience, a performance

Artist/Author: Lucky Pierre, Jeffrey Kowalkowski, Tyler Myers, Mary Zerkel, Michael Thomas | Reference: D1825 | Type: DVD

When making a performance, the title should always come first. “Rock and Roll” will be our title. The piece will be about rock and roll.

April-May 2008.

No no I was sleeping you know - a performance

Artist/Author: Lucky Pierre, Michael Thomas, Vincent Dermody, Noah Loesberg, Mary Zerkel | Reference: D1824 | Type: DVD

30 mins in the video blanks out but sound is still audible.

Movie Stars Live Here - a performance

Artist/Author: Lucky Pierre, Holly Abney, Json Greenberg, Beck Phillips, Michael Thomas, Vicki Walden, Mary Zerkel | Reference: D1827 | Type: DVD

Emerson Takes a Walk

Artist/Author: Michael Thomas, Lucky Pierre | Reference: D1823 | Type: DVD

Lecture presentation.

Magazine - The Reprint

Artist/Author: David Hoyle | Reference: D1123 | Digital Reference: ED1123 | Type: Digital File

This is a film compilation of MAGAZINE EDITION 2, Hoyle's weekly live magazine nights with songs, interviews, dances, adverts and films with a weekly theme, presented by Duckie at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.70 mins. Part of Access All Areas Screening Programme. Also available with subtitles as ED1123SUB. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)