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Small Metal Objects

Artist/Author: Back to Back Theatre | Reference: D2065 | Type: DVD

Designed to be performed in a sheltered outdoor civic space, Small Metal Objects seeks to realise the inner realm and simultaneously re-interpret the exterior urban environment as a new performance landscape. Running time 45 minutes.

Elastic – Printed Project 2002/3

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Lisa Andrew, Andrew Hurle | Reference: P1976 | ISBN: 0-646-42415-7 | Type: Publication

Illustrated collection on visual art in Australia.

Benevolent Asylum : An Eclipse of Historical Fiction

Artist/Author: Lily Hibberd | Reference: P1881 | ISBN: 0-9757307-3-8 | Type: Publication

Visual and textual context for the exhibition and Take Me In performance which took place at the Freemantle Arts Centre.

Black Box White Cube: Aspects of Performance in Contemporary Australian Art

Reference: P1854 | ISBN: 978-0-98029586-3 | Type: Publication

Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Arts Centre. Melbourne 11 June-25 Sept 2011.


Artist/Author: Pvi Collective | Reference: D1654 | Type: DVD

An artwork that attempts to question the various forms of social control that we live under in an increasingly anxious cultural climate

Democratic Set (Extract)

Artist/Author: Back to Back Theatre | Digital Reference: EF5035SUB

Part of Access All Areas Screening Programme.

[true crime]

Artist/Author: PVI Collective | Reference: P1641 | Type: Publication

Publication contains 2-page event discussion and 2 stickers.

Art In A Cold Climate: Rethinking the Australia Council

Artist/Author: Keith Gallasch | Reference: P1573 | Type: Publication

On rethinking the Australia Council to make it less a grant-processing machine and more a spur to creative innovation and relevance.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Artist/Author: Sandra Minchin Delohery | Reference: D1506 | Type: DVD

Artist documentation.

Point - Live Live

Artist/Author: various | Reference: P1511 | Type: Publication

POINT is a pocket size publication published twice a year including full details of Performance Space seasonal programme, Performance Space, Sydney, Australia. Live Live season October – November 2010. 2 copies archived.

Contesting Performance: Global Sites of Research

Artist/Author: various | Editor: Jon McKenzie, Heike Roms, C J W L Wee | Reference: P1484 | ISBN: 978-0-230-00845-8 | Type: Publication

A collection of essays by international scholars that addresses the global development of performance research in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The collection functions as a critical reader on diverse approaches to studying performance that contest dominant paradigms of performance studies.

Point - You Are Here

Reference: P1430 | Type: Publication

A pocket size publication including full details of Performance Space seasonal programme. 2 copies archived.


Artist/Author: senVoodoo | Reference: D1210 | Type: DVD

Artist showreel.


Artist/Author: senVoodoo | Reference: D1209 | Type: DVD

Tableau vivant about intimacy, fear and disease.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Mike Parr - Performances 1971-2008

Artist/Author: Mike Parr | Reference: P1151 | ISBN: 9781863952552 | Type: Publication

Monographic publication on the Australian performance artist.

Performance Space Moments

Artist/Author: Heindrun Löhr | Reference: P1145 | Type: Publication

A collection of 24 photographs documenting a multitude of performance works that took place in Sydney’s Performance Space between 1982 and 2006.

.In oversize publications.

Performance Space at Carriageworks

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1116 | Type: DVD

Installation and events held in 2007 at Performance Space Carriageworks

The Restaged Histories Project

Artist/Author: The Restaged Histories Project | Reference: D0988 | Type: DVD

Includes interview with the directors. Filmed and edited by Flipbook Gallery.

Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue

Artist/Author: Version 1.0 | Reference: D0839 | Type: DVD

A performance on the Australian government’s trade with the  Saddam Hussein regime.

Tramjatra - Imagining Melbourne and Kolkata by Tramways

Editor: Mick Douglas | Reference: P0852 | ISBN: 0 86459 364 3 | Type: Publication

TTS: Australia - Every Piece of Paranoia Helps

Artist/Author: PVI Collective, various | Reference: P0812 | ISBN: 1-875386-55-6 | Type: Publication

A collection of essays, interviews and research for TTS: Australia.

Full Show 2006

Artist/Author: PVi Collective | Reference: D0490 | Type: DVD

Artist documentation.

Showreel 05

Artist/Author: PVi Collective | Reference: D0489 | Type: DVD

founded in 1998 and based on whadjuk noongar boodjar [perth, western australia], pvi collective are a tactical media art group who create, playfully subversive artworks intent on the creative disruption of everyday life.

intervention, socially-engaged, politics, activism, participation, Australia, Perth, media art

Exhibition Stills

Artist/Author: PVi Collective | Reference: D0491 | Type: DVD

Full show and video extract 2004/05

9th Station

Artist/Author: SenVoodoo | Reference: D0447 | Type: DVD

featuring 14 artists performances and installation work

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Do It

Artist/Author: Hans Ulrich Obrist | Reference: P0645 | ISBN: 3-86588-001-0 | Type: Publication

Instructions for making art.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On (W)Reading Performance Writing by Rachel Lois Clapham (P1433) and the Study Room Guide On Social Engagement and Participation by FrenchMottershead (P1290)


International Market Development for Australian New Media Artists

Artist/Author: X-Events | Reference: P0178 | Type: Publication

Report for the Australia Council.

The Post-Colonial Studies Reader

Editor: Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths and Helen Tiffin | Reference: P0367 | ISBN: 978-0415345651 | Type: Publication

The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).



Artist/Author: Thomas and Wells | Reference: P2306 | Type: Publication

Archive materials for Neil Thomas and David Wells’ production Mantalk, including play script.

Acting Together Volume II: Building Just and Inclusive Communities

Editor: Cynthia E. Cohen, Roberto Gutiérrez Varea, Polly O. Walker | Reference: P3117 | ISBN: 978-1613320006 | Type: Publication

A series on Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict, describing peacebuilding performances in regions beset by violence and internal conflicts. The second volume focuses on the transformative power of performance in regions fractured by “subtler” forms of structural violence and social exclusion.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).