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Artist/Author: Linda Stupart | Reference: P4108 | ISBN: 9870992674786 | Type: Publication

A heady brew of feminist critique of the art world and extreme body horror.

The Pornography of Performance

Artist/Author: The Sydney Front | Reference: D2311 | ISBN: 978-1-922007-33-9 | Type: DVD

A frenzied meditation on theatrical obsession, a festive overture of histrionic suffering and flapping genitalia. In the glass cabinet. 

Bubonic Plagiarism: Stewart Home on Art, Politics and Appropriation

Artist/Author: Stewart Home | Reference: P0802 | ISBN: 0-9540063-3X | Type: Publication

Pamphlet with interviews.

Green Apocalypse

Artist/Author: Luther Blissett and Stewart Home | Reference: P0754 | ISBN: 1 871593 666 | Type: Publication

A4 pamphlet/magazine style.

The Art Strike Papers/ Neo-ist Manifestos

Artist/Author: Stewart Home | Reference: P0745 | ISBN: 1-873176-15-5 | Type: Publication

The Art strike Papers collects accounts and papers relating to the Art Strike International action and propaganda during the period 1990-1993. The Neoist Manifesto is a series of texts on the Generation Positive, Karen Eliot, Cantsin, Neoist Network, as well as poems by S. Home