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Create News 1, September 2006: Andrew Cross

Artist/Author: Willie White, Andrew Cross | Reference: P1732 | Type: Publication

Willie White interviews Andrew Cross.

Hua Ji Ming works

Artist/Author: Hua Ji Ming | Reference: D0108 | Type: DVD

Collected during a research trip in China, in February 2004.

Live Culture documentation

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D0099 | Digital Reference: ED0099 | Type: Digital File

Short film of performances at Live Culture.

Live From the Vinyl Junkyard: The Ultimate Mix

Editor: Bryan Biggs, Colin Fallows and Jonathan Hitchen | Reference: P0192 | Type: Publication

Documents a series of Bluecoat live art commissions presented in Liverpool 1996-7. Includes picture disk.

Potential: Ongoing Archive

Editor: Anna Harding | Reference: P0332 | ISBN: 90-75380-48-8 | Type: Publication

This book accompanied an exhibition at John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, June/August 2002. This item is part of the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)

Broadcast (29 pilgrims, 29 tales) (the prologues)

Artist/Author: Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope | Reference: V0490 | Type: Video

The complete tapes can be viewed at Tate Modern. Full versions are also archived at

A Public Auction of Private Art Works

Artist/Author: Nina Pope | Reference: V0493 | Type: Video

See exhibition catalogue in artists’ files.


Editor: Fine Art Faculty, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha | Reference: P0298 | ISBN: 84-8427-136-6 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of Situaciones 2001 festival. In Spanish.

Staying In

Artist/Author: Chris Dorley-Brown | Reference: V0381 | Type: Video

The Washroom Projects

Artist/Author: Jay Rechsteiner | Reference: V0763 | Type: Video

A social project that is driven by the participating members and their enthusiasm and willingness to create and be part of something special.

new territories 11 programme

ISBN: P3793 | Type: Publication

Programme, new territories 11: International Festival of Live Art, Scotland, 14/2 – 26/3 2011.

Merce: A Composite Portrait

Artist/Author: various | Reference: A0783 | Type: Article

Friends, colleagues and admirers contribute to the special edition of the Dance Theatre Journal, on the occasion of Cunningham's 21st anniversary visit (Sadler's Wells). 

Neither Time, Nor Material: Performance, Installation, Drawing, Video 1982-1995

Editor: Liam Kelly and Nick Stewart | Reference: P3490 | ISBN: 978-0907797890 | Type: Publication

A monograph on the work of Irish artist Nick Stewart. Documentation of exhibitions of drawings, installations, performances and videos.