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A Glimpse Inside the Grotto

Artist/Author: Shaun Caton | Digital Reference: EF5325 | Type: Digital File

A performance by of the UK’s most ‘genuinely terrifying’ artists.

This video was part of LADA Screens, and was available online from 15 – 29 July 2015.

Theatre and Museums

Artist/Author: Susan Bennett | Reference: P3003 | ISBN: 978-0230580206 | Type: Publication

Bennett looks at the collaborative processes that intertwine these two cultural practices. She argues that discourses of performance studies can open up new avenues of inquiry about the production and reception of the museum experience and its place in contemporary culture. 

Stuart Brisley: Performing the Political Body and Eating Shit

Artist/Author: Michael Newman | Reference: P2994 | ISBN: 978-0-9575299-2-2 | Type: Publication

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Stuart Brisley: Headwinds, MAC Belfast, 30 January-26 April 2015.

DIY 11: 2014 - ‘Chances Are’ Mail Art Collection

Artist/Author: Anne Bean, Siriol Joyner, Yol, Katy Baird, Daniel Gosling, Thomas Bacon, Ezra Rubenstein and Elspeth Owen | Reference: P2633 | Type: Publication

A disparate collection of 'chance' materials and objects assembled and curated via post by the participants with the artist Anne Bean. Part of the DIY 11 collaborative project using chance device as a means for intuition and creation. Loose materials in large black folder.

Anthology 3

Artist/Author: Marina Abramovic and Ulay | Reference: V0279 | Digital Reference: EV0279 | Type: Digital File