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Acting Up

Artist/Author: Sarah Khan | Reference: A0708 | Type: Article

Action art in Berlin’s government district, from Christoph Schlingensief to the Center for Political Beauty.

In misc folder 7.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

To Speak of Chinese Performance Art At A Crossroads: Easier Saud Than Done

Artist/Author: Wen Yau | Reference: A0562 | Type: Article

Article filed in Miscellaneous Articles folder 4.

Performing the City

Artist/Author: Emma Cocker, Bianca Scliar Mancini, Sara Wookey | Reference: P2152 | Type: Publication

Performing the City proposes different ways in which the body moves and performs with the city, exploring the capacity of choreographic and performance practices for rehearsing and testing experimental methods for navigating the public realm.

Big Hits

Artist/Author: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN | Reference: D2189 | Type: DVD

Video documentation of the 2013 production by the same name.

Tatsumi Orimoto Event Photo and Poster Exhibition

Artist/Author: Tatsumi Orimoto | Reference: P2303 | Type: Publication

Art-Mama + Son With Big Bread (Event Photo, 2012), plus poster exhibition pamphlet for Art-Mama At Hospital in Fukushima (2012).

The Kong Lear Archive

Artist/Author: Claire Hind, Gary Winters | Reference: P2299 | Type: Publication

Mixed media boxed set, includes DVD of Super 8mm film, Kong Lear.

Where Do You Want to Go to Die?

Artist/Author: Gob Squad | Digital Reference: EV0399 | Type: Digital File

Short extract of a performance and video installation of a nightime journey through Berlin from the point of view of the front windscreen of a car. See V0399.

How to shop: The lecture — an interview with Bobby Baker

Artist/Author: Alison Oddey | Reference: A0878 | Type: Article

Introduces the reader to Bobby Baker’s latest piece, which was commissioned by the London International Festival of Theatre in 1993.

From the British Live Art: Essays and Documentation issue.