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New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future

Artist/Author: James Bridle | Reference: P3725 | ISBN: 978-1786635471 | Type: Publication

Surveying the history of art, technology and information systems the books reveals the dark clouds that gather over discussions of the digital sublime.

Theatre and Violence

Artist/Author: Lucy Nevitt | Reference: P3006 | ISBN: 978-1137302274 | Type: Publication

Critically engaging with examples of stage combat, rape, terrorism, wrestling and historical re-enactments, Nevitt argues that studying violence through theatre can be part of a desire to create a more peaceful world.

Pleasure and Pain

Artist/Author: Marcus Verhagen | Reference: A0295 | Type: Article

Interview with Omar Fast.

1001 Nights

Artist/Author: Barbara Campbell | Reference: D0890 | Type: DVD

1001 nights cast is a durational performance by Australian artist, Barbara Campbell. Each night at sunset, Barbara performs a short text-based work as a live webcast. The performance texts are written for her each day in response to a prompt she draws from the morning’s newspaper reports on the Middle East. The project will run for 1001 nights, ending on March 17 2008.

Performing Rights Collection - London - Looking for a Missing Employee

Artist/Author: Rabih Mroue | Reference: D0552 | Type: DVD

Based on real events, the performance centres on a notebook in which Mroué has collected everything published in local papers about the disappearance of a government employee in Beirut. 

Part of PSI 12.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).