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new territories 09 programme

Reference: P3792 | Type: Publication

Programme, new territories 09: International Festival of Live Art, Scotland, 11/2 – 21/3 2009.

Sex, birth and death

Artist/Author: Aine Phillips | Reference: P3026 | Type: DVD

Contains performance programme, performance texts and 3 CDs/DVDs, which include still images, a 6 minute edit and video of the full performance.

Part of Live Art and Motherhood: A Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal (P3025).

Early Bird Talk: Partial Recall – The National Review of Live Art

Artist/Author: Lois Keidan | Reference: D1914 | Type: DVD

Lois Keidan revives some of the still live/still moving performance works in the 30 year history of the National Review of Live Art.

Small Acts of Great Import

Artist/Author: Jennie Klein | Reference: A0431 | Type: Article

Performance documentation.

A question of difference

Artist/Author: Mark Gaynor | Reference: A0484 | Type: Article

Mark Gaynor on the relation between theatre and fine art. In occasion of a debate published on the 8th National Review of Live Art.

Momento Mori

Artist/Author: Dorothy Max Prior | Reference: A0317 | Type: Article

National Review of Live Art, performance art festival, Scotland, Glasgow


Artist/Author: Robert Ayers | Reference: P0230 | Type: Publication

Presented at the National Review of Live Art.