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What Matters Most

Artist/Author: Katerina Sedá, Christy Lange | Reference: A0524 | Type: Article

Review of the work of Czech artist Katerina Sedá.

The Change I am Seeking is the Change in Real Life

Artist/Author: Katerina Seda | Reference: A0506 | Type: Article

Interview with Katerina Seda in The Believer Magazine about her practice. This article can be found in miscellaneous article folder number 3

Video and Stills 2005-2010

Artist/Author: Misha Horacek | Reference: D1672 | Type: DVD

Excerpts from performances Still/Desire (2005),  Imbolc (2008) and Raven (2010).

Generosity is the New Political

Artist/Author: Olga Smith | Reference: A0297 | Type: Article

Exhibition review.

Anymous magazine 2000-2006

Artist/Author: Anymous | Reference: P1312 | Type: Publication

A non-profit community of authors based in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Performances documented in pictures: Phosphore, Let the Fly Eat You, Installation of stench, White is public, Vizor, Public autopsy, Stres-scio-metr, Chat, Teardrops etc.

Umelec Vol 1

Reference: P1202 | Type: Publication

Art magazine devoted to current visual culture in the Czech Republic. English version.

Umelec Volume 4

Reference: P1203 | Type: Publication

Art magazine devoted to current visual culture in the Czech Republic. English version.

Los Artistas Unidos Jamás Sarán Vencidos

Artist/Author: Martin Zet | Reference: P1204 | ISBN: 80-238-7822-0 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue exposing the visual practice of Czech artist and activist.

Body and The East - From 1960s to the Present

Artist/Author: Zdenka Badovinac | Editor: Mika Briski | Reference: P0854 | ISBN: 961-206-019-3 | Type: Publication

Includes essays on eighty artists from fourteen countries and discuss the tradition of an art form that emerged during socialism in cultural centers such as Prague, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Warsaw, and Zagreb. In English and Slovenian. Published for the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Anymous Performance Festival 2000 - 2004

Artist/Author: Anymous | Reference: D0444 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the Czech festival.

Disk one: 80 minute video. Disk two: flash/html presentation.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Some Performances

Artist/Author: Milan Kohout | Reference: P0804 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of works.