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Editor: Brian Patterson and Laura Graham | Reference: P2787 | ISBN: 978-0-9557176-2-8 | Type: Publication

pani documents and contextualises activities of Bbeyond performance art organisation from 2001 to 2008, also covering two exchanges with Québec and Helsinki.

ESITYS (Issue 3, 2010)

Editor: Pilvi Porkola, Johanna MacDonald | Reference: P1635 | ISBN: ISSN 1797-500x | Type: Publication

Issue 3/2010 of ESITYS is created in collaboration with Anti-Festival, and is primarily in English for this reason.

Amorph!08, Register08

Reference: P1627 | ISBN: 978-951-96553-8-3 | Type: Publication

Each end of the publication starts a new section: Amorph!08 provides text and discussion on the 2008 festival, and Register08 documents the work of the artists involved. Publications P1626 and P1625 provide information and discussion on the 2003 Amorph!03 festival

Amorph!03 Summit of Micronations: Documents

Editor: Oliver Kochta, Tellervo Kalleinen | Reference: P1626 | ISBN: 951-96553-4-4 | Type: Publication

Published on the occasion of the Amorph!03 Performance Festival in Helsinki.  29-31 August 2003. The preceding publication (P1625) provides further text and discussion on the work presented at the festival.

Zeckett II

Artist/Author: Reality Research Center | Reference: D1003 | Type: DVD

A Zen re-interpretation of Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting for Godot.