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Animalworks in China

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng | Reference: P1775 | Type: Publication

The experimental art scene in post-Tiananmen China has featured an array of animal bodies, both living and dead, as well as interspecies encounters ranging from the playful to the sadistic, from the gently collaborative to the violently conflictual, which interrogate and destabilize contemporary constructions of the nature-culture binary.


Down and Under, Up and Over: Animalworks by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng, Sun Yuan, Peng Yu | Reference: P1770 | Type: Publication

Animalworks by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.

The Feminism and Visual Culture Reader

Editor: Amelia Jones | Reference: P0373 | ISBN: 0-415-26706-4 | Type: Publication

Collection of texts concerning a diversity of issues relating to feminism and visual cultures, arranged thematically and introduced by the editor. This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

A Small MAP PIECE: A Study Room Guide on Performance Art in China

Artist/Author: Adele Tan | Reference: P1114 | Type: Publication

Profiles contemporary and historical performance art practices from China, and at its heart invites the reader to navigate a series of texts and works by artists which have influenced and developed a most amazing range of radical performance practices.

Pods, Tubes, Plants, Motor Oil and Other Survival Machines - A syncourse with Claudia Bucher

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng | Reference: A0131 | Type: Article

Find article in misc. folder 1.

Violent Capital - Zhu Yu on File

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng | Reference: A0130 | Type: Article

 Zhu Yu’s xingwei yishu (behaviour art) and his controversial art actions reflect and critique the economic transition in China, and his performances become part of the “violent capital” of the new aesthetic economy.

Find article (2 copies) in misc. folder 1. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)

Clandestine Interventions

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng | Reference: A0128 | Type: Article

Article about live art in China.

Find article in misc. folder 1. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)

Performing the Body/Performing The Text

Editor: Amelia Jones and Andrew Stephenson | Reference: P0134 | ISBN: 0-415-19060-6 | Type: Publication

Collection of texts. The project one side is set to explore art practices which perform the subject and others and on another side to examine ways in which performance offers new models for interpreting contemporary art.