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Knifeboxing conversation

Reference: A0648 | Type: Article

Conversation between Johann Went and Mark Wheaton to accompany thescreening of 'Knifeboxing' on LADA Screens which was online from 29 March – 11 April 2016.

In misc folder 5A.

Hustler White

Artist/Author: Bruce LaBruce, Rick Castro | Reference: D2105 | ISBN: 5060018651620 | Type: DVD

Bruce LaBruce cult classic film.

Evil Taco by Ms. Vaginal Davis

Artist/Author: Vaginal Davis | Reference: P1843 | Type: Publication

Limited edition box set of materials (39/80), presented at ‘My Pussy is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin)’ in January 2012 in Los Angeles.

Shelved in Oversize publications section.

Elia Arce’s Performance Art: Transculturation, Feminism, Politicized Inividualism

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng | Reference: P0507 | Type: Publication

Adopts Fernando Ortiz’s concept of ‘transculturation’ to examine the performance career of Elia Arce.