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The Architect-Walker 2018: A Mis-Guide

Artist/Author: Wrights & Sites | Reference: P4079 | ISBN: 978-1911193104 | Type: Publication

Anti-manifesto for changing a world while exploring it: a tool for playful debate, collaboration, and intervention.

Disagree. - a critical magazine on arts and society

Artist/Author: Disagree. Art assembly | Reference: P2682 | Type: Publication

The Disagree. magazine is a result of the cooperation between a changing group of artists, curators, and theoreticians operating fully independently.  They join forces under the name of the Disagree. Art assembly.  Those who write for the Disagree. magazine automatically become part of the editing team and thus of the assembly.  The editors of the first issue are Jeff Poak, Jean Gotthard, Harald Pogel, Nazim Besikci, Jana Tupivic, Anna Siegel.

The Irishman: End of Exile

Artist/Author: Denis Buckley | Reference: P2683 | ISBN: 978-0992852900 | Type: Publication

This exhibition catalogue takes in a large part of the artist's image making practice from 2001-2013. An identifiable persona, The Irishman, was created as a device to explore exilic experience.

Nic Green’s Trilogy

Artist/Author: Nic Green | Digital Reference: EF5111 | Type: Digital File

Recorded at the Barbican, London, in January 2010, this triptych examines and interrogates the joys and complexities of being a woman. 

Pamphlets: A collection of essays in which artists express their views on the art world with complet

Editor: Artquest | Reference: P2591 | ISBN: 978-1-908971-30-2 | Type: Publication

A collection of essays in which six anonymous artists and arts professionals write about the machinations of the art world and its relationship with the rest of reality.