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A Medea: A Requiem for a Boy with a White White Toy

Artist/Author: Reza Abdoh | Reference: D0509 | Type: DVD

Part of the Reza Abdoh Collection.

Collective Space: 70 X 7 Connective Strategies for Urban Locations

Editor: Paul Chatterton | Reference: P0814 | ISBN: 1-873352-34-4 | Type: Publication

Work by Lucy and Jorge Orta.


Artist/Author: Tacita Dean and Jeremy Millar | Reference: P0766 | ISBN: 0 500 93007 4 | Type: Publication

This exhibition in a book presents some of the most challenging art to address the function of place in the contemporary world.

Surface Tension - Problematics of Site

Artist/Author: Ken Ehrlich and Brandon LaBelle | Reference: P0667 | ISBN: 0-9655570-4-9 | Type: Publication

Women artists and their derelict houses in London.

Days of the Sledge Hammer

Artist/Author: Lone Twin | Reference: V0764 | Digital Reference: EV0764 | Type: Digital File

Excerpts from a series of shows and events, made over six years, variously attempting to merge bodies with other bodies of water. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

International 2002

Editor: Lewis Biggs | Reference: P0322 | ISBN: 0 9536761 4 5 | Type: Publication

Biennial publication: explores the city as a cultural context, proposing a model for connection between art of internationally recognised quality and a particular place and context. Around 80% of the artworks were commissioned or completed especially for the exhibition.


Artist/Author: Hugo Glendinning and Tim Etchells with Forced Entertainment | Reference: D0031 | Type: DVD

Drawing on real places, Nightwalks creates a fragmented cityscape to be explored on CD-ROM.

The Blind Owl

Artist/Author: Reza Abdoh | Reference: V0202 | Type: Video

This item is part of the Study Room Guide: The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get by Robert Pacitti (P1100)

Gordon Matta-Clark

Editor: Thomas Crow et al | Reference: P2358 | ISBN: 9780714845876 | Type: Publication

Artist monograph with critical texts.