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Strange Natures: Futurity, Empathy, and the Queer Ecological Imagination

Artist/Author: Nicole Seymour | Reference: P3762 | ISBN: 9780252079160 | Type: Publication

Reveals a tradition of queer environmentalism in contemporary literature and film from the Americas. 

Enmeshed bodies, impossible touch: the object-oriented world of Pina Bausch’s Café Müller

Artist/Author: João Florêncio | Editor: Richard Allen and Shaun May | Reference: A0726 | Type: Article

The addresses the nonhuman bodies of Café Müller and claim that Bausch’s piece resonates with the work of contemporary philosopher Graham Harman, in that it tries to go beyond human exceptionalism to present a world where all bodies, regardless of their perceived nature, are simultaneously tightly enmeshed together and inaccessible to one another.

Performance Matters – Potentials of Performance – Of Things in Motion and Things at Rest

Artist/Author: João Florêncio with Devin King | Reference: D2028 | Type: DVD

British Library Sound Archive recording and documentation of Potentials of Performance events (26-27 October 2012). This third themed year of the Performance Matters project features a vibrant series of commissions exploring and exploding the dialogue as a potential format for thinking through and testing possible futures. Of Things in Motion and Things at Rest sets thoughts and actions in motion on the stage in a path towards a speculative performance encounter with the realm of the nonhuman and the secret lives held within it. Through sonic exploration of mundane objects, we aim to highlight how existent ideas of performative agency can be re-applied and re-thought with and through objects.