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Artist/Author: Darren O'Donnell | Reference: P2281 | ISBN: 9781552451212 | Type: Publication

Toronto playwright Darren O’Donnell’s new play, pppeeeaaaccceee.

Frightening the Horses

Artist/Author: Lois Keidan | Reference: A0495 | Type: Article

An Interview with Neil Bartlett. This article can be found in Miscellaneous Articles 3 Binder

Solo Voices: Monologues 1987-2004

Artist/Author: Neil Bartlett | Reference: P1739 | ISBN: 1-84002-465-8 | Type: Publication

Collected for the first time in print, over a decade of texts from one of British theatre’s fiercest voices, documenting the extraordinary site-specific solo performances which have run parallel to Bartlett’s work as a mainstream director.

The People Are Demanding

Artist/Author: Rabih Mroué | Reference: P1708 | Type: Publication

Highlights from the artist’s first UK solo exhibition at Rivington Place.

Theatre and Nation

Artist/Author: Nadine Holdsworth | Editor: Jen Harvie and Dan Rebellato | Reference: P1535 | ISBN: 9780230218710 | Type: Publication

Part of Palgrave Mcmillan’s ‘small books on theatre and everything else’ series.

Writing Live

Artist/Author: Ben Payne, Ruth Ben-Tovim, | Editor: John Deeney | Reference: P1493 | ISBN: 953349101 | Type: Publication