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Staging the Self / 30 Projects from 30 Years of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

Artist/Author: Martha Wilson | Reference: P2528 | ISBN: 9780770300289 | Type: Publication

This double-sided catalogue accompanied the solo exhibition of the same title first held at Dolhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Canada in 2009.

Atos de Falo documentation

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1878 | ISBN: 978-85-65224-00-0 | Type: Publication

Catalogue which documents construction of works and relevant texts from the Atos de Falo festival in Brazil.  In Portuguese and English

The Fall of Faust – Considerations on Contemporary Art and Art Action

Artist/Author: Andrea Pagnes, Verena Stenke (VestAndPage) | Reference: P1510 | ISBN: 9788890516108 | Type: Publication

This publication from the artists and curators VestAndPage investigates the intimate tissue of creativity, questioning performance art as urgency.

9 Night in Eldorado

Artist/Author: Donald G Rodney | Reference: P1444 | Type: Publication

Illustrated rigid concertina with text.

Multi-Media - video, installation, performance

Artist/Author: Nick Kaye | Reference: P0931 | ISBN: 978-0-415-28381-6 | Type: Publication


Artist/Author: Frankfurter Kuche and Vooruit | Reference: P0599 | Type: Publication

‘Queer symposium in between art practice and theory’ contains audio CD