DIY: 2013 – Susannah Hewlett ‘Functional Fun!’



Susannah Hewlett
Functional Fun! 

A workshop exploring provocations around making live art for young(er) audiences.

Project summary:
Calling all live artists with an interest in making work for 0-18 year olds!
6 artists working under the umbrella of live art will be given the opportunity to explore this theme by seeing shows at Edinburgh Festival and participating in a talking and doing workshop with the chance to meet other artists working in this area. For all the good boys and girls attending there will be a surprise entertainment treat to conclude our time together!

This DIY will enable you to see shows (for free), which are appropriate for or have been made specifically for younger audiences. (These shows will be announced after initial application). The group will then meet in Glasgow for a workshop over 2 days to explore this further together. Through discussion and playing about performatively we will be questioning live art as a learnt language and looking at some key issues around making work for this audience. Some of the topics up for grabs: The Body – public space and private parts. Functional Fun – humour, meaning and purpose. Joining in and Acting up – participation and collaboration and Tactics and Tic-tacs – deployment of language and allusion in voicing political messages. You will be willing to talk about your practise with the group.

Dates, times and location(s):

Edinburgh Festival: Viewing shows – August 2013 (dates / shows tbc)
Glasgow (venue tbc) : Group workshop – Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th September 2013 11- 6pm

There will be suggested dates for viewing shows at the Edinburgh Festival which we hope to do as a group. If we are not all able to meet up, shows can be viewed in your own time but it would make for a more cohesive experience if we see stuff together. Between 2-3 shows will be recommended.

Application procedure:
Would love to hear expressions of interest from artists with experience of making work for younger audiences but also from those who identify as live artists but who havn’t made any work for this age group and are curious to explore. Please send

1. CV
2. A brief artist’s statement about your practise including description of any work you have made for younger audiences (0-18) and your expression of interest in this DIY
3. Up to 5 jpeg images of your work or links to material online
4. Please make it known if you have an allergy to fizzy sweets

Please email your application to Susannah Hewlett (cc’d to [email protected]) by Monday 1 July.

Scotland based artists are particularly encouraged to apply.

The artist:
Susannah Hewlett is a UK based artist and performer working in live art, comedy, installation, sound and video. Her practise explores interbreeding Cousin High-Art and Uncle Light-Entertainment in site-specific events and interventions, which borrow and subvert emblematic moments from popular culture in darkly humorous works. She is particularly interested in how humour gives way to discomfort which is also played out in her character based comedy. She works both solo and collaboratively across gallery, theatre, comedy and performance contexts and is one half of comedy/horror duo Hewlett & Eaton.

Contact information:
Susannah Hewlett

This DIY project is supported by BUZZCUT and Imaginate.

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