DIY: 2013 – Marcia Farquhar ‘Taking It Personally’



Marcia Farquhar
Taking it Personally

With Norwich Arts Centre

Marcia Farquhar invites you to join her for a 24 hour experience to think about how the personal can be political, how the truth can be a lie, and how stories go round and round like records.

Project summary:
Marcia Farquhar will be ‘At Home’ in an unfamiliar church inviting those who wish to stay over and tell tales of the esoteric and everyday.

She stands accused of taking things personally and that is what is at stake, how the personal can be political, how the truth can be a lie and how the self can open up to selves in autobiographical accounts.

The idea to walk and talk to reinvent old stories under the influence of place in a psychogeographical wandering that can be developed late into the night and on into dreams.
Sunday will be all about gathering, inventing, debating and dreaming in hope that all this can be stitched into reconfigurations the following morning.

The programme for the DIY experience will be open to contingency, the come-what-may and nearer November ‘I will send out suggestions of what to bring’ she promises.

As an artist who works with objects there will be an opportunity to work in and out of the wheelie bin pulpits that first appeared in her work ‘mind your heads’ and as she says the invitation itself is a work in progress as she has yet to visit the site of all that will come about in November.

Dates, times and location:
Sunday 3 November to Monday 4 November at Norwich Arts Centre: a 24 hour event.

Application procedure:
Please send a CV and a few words on what you take personally: your stories that go round and round like records and thoughts on how the present can offer ways to retell. There’s

Please email your application to Marcia Farquhar (cc’d to [email protected]) using “DIY10” as the subject line. Closing date for applications is Monday 1 July, 2013.

The artist:

Marcia Farquhar is an artist working in performance, installation, and sculpture.  Farquhar’s performances are conceptual in nature and often precariously balanced between the prescribed and the unpredictable – socially open, broadly embracing of circumstance, and resolutely focussed in the live and unrepeatable moment. They have also made frequent and subversive use of popular cultural forms such as TV cookery, pop-psychology, the Punch & Judy show, the fashion catwalk and the guided tour. Among her recent works are a play for radio in six parts, “The Common Room” (2011) developed while a Cocheme fellow at Byam Shaw School of Art,  “Mind Your Heads” (2012) an installation and performance in the 13th Century Lincoln Greyfriars friary and most recently  ‘Farquhar’s Flaxman Exchange’ an Arts Council funded work in collaboration with the UCL Art Museum. Farquhar presents her work internationally, most recently performing Acts of Clothing at the 55th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia.

Contact information:
Please email in the first instance: [email protected]

This DIY project is supported by Norwich Arts Centre.

Part of DIY: 2013

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