DIY: 2013 – Nigel Barratt & Louise Mari ‘Probing Elvis’



Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari
Probing Elvis

In which the group reconsider our own practice by exploring the working methods and practices of Tribute Artists.

Project Summary:
This will be a two-part exploration. The first part will take place at The 10th Annual Elvis Festival in the Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl. The second part will take place at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Our project will start on Saturday 28 September at 7.30pm at The Elvies (the Elvis tribute act live finals) although participants are encouraged to arrive earlier and enjoy any of the other events taking place in Porthcawl from Friday 27 September onwards. On the morning of Sunday 29 September we will all meet and feedback our experiences of the festival. Then we will all attend a workshop run by an Elvis tribute artist, focusing on their process and technique, their skills and aims and research methods. We will spend the rest of the day discussing what we have learned and applying these lessons to our own work. And then go home.

During October we will progress our ideas and share them with the group. On Saturday 9 November we will reconvene at a dedicated space at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and work together over this and the next day. On the evening of Sunday 10 November the ideas will be presented to the public as part of the Experimentica Festival. These presentations could take the form of a performance, an installation, film, spoken word, music, a lecture, a pamphlet or really any form the participants feel reflects what they have learned or what they have been inspired to create.

We hope that by observing and working with artists from another, very different field, we will be able to look at our work and practice with fresh eyes and inspire the group to create new work in new ways that we would not otherwise have been able to do.

Dates, times, location(s):
Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 September
. Exact times tbc. Porthcawl, Wales
Saturday 9 to Sunday 10 November. Exact times tbc. Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Application procedure:
The 12 participants can be anyone at all who is interested in taking part. They will need to actively participate in the workshop.

We would ask you to send a CV and a short statement of why you would like to attend to[email protected] (cc’d to [email protected]) by Sunday 9 June.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If more people apply than there are places available we will select the group by picking names out of a hat.

Please note that participants will have to pay fares and accommodation for both venues and pay for tickets for the Elvies.

The artists:
Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari are artists who work both with the shunt collective making large scale immersive work, and also work as a partnership trying to challenge form and put the audience at the centre of the questions we are asking

Contact information:
Louise Mari on [email protected]

This DIY project is supported by National Theatre Wales and Chapter Arts Centre.

Banner image credit:

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari, Probing Elvis, part of DIY 2013, image courtesy of the artist

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Part of DIY: 2013

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