DIY: 2013 – Anja Kanngieser ‘Tuning in, tuning out’



Anja Kanngieser
Tuning in, tuning out

With Sound and Music
Conversations, tactics and practices for neuro-diversity, mental health and communication.

Project summary:
How we listen and respond to each other and how we communicate, affects our relationships, creative practices and the ways we inhabit the world. This workshop will explore some of the difficulties around voice and vocal expression faced by live and sound artists who are neuro-diverse – that is, having Aspergers, Autism, ADD/ ADHD, bipolar disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, depression, dyslexia etc. As artists working with the voice, a lot hinges on our ability to express ourselves in ways that not only take the audience or the people we speak with into account, but also our own needs and desires. For those of us that are neuro-diverse, we might run into issues with coherence, pace of speech, paying attention, empathizing in recognised ways, and remaining present. Moreover, there might be insecurities and fears around communication due to lifelong marginalization.

This two-day workshop will provide an experimental and informal space to bring neuro-diverse live and sound artists into contact, to talk about our experiences and share tactics that develop our practices of listening and speaking.

Dates, times and location(s):
Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September. 
11am to 1pm each day.

Sound and Music, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Application procedure:
To apply, please send your CV and the answers to the following four questions on one A4 sheet:
1) Why are you interested in taking part in this workshop and what do you hope to get out of it?
2) How has your neuro-diversity affected the ways you listen and respond to other people?
3) How has your art practice been affected by your own experiences of communication?
4) Do you have any requirements or requests that you would like us to know about to make the workshop more accessible for you?

Participants will ideally have at least 2 years of experience working with sound and/or live art. Participants must identify as neuro-diverse, or be professionally diagnosed as neuro-diverse. A focus on voice or sound in your practice is also preferable. It’s desirable that participants have a demonstrable interest in communication and mental health issues. There will be no fee for the workshop, and some food/ snacks will be provided. There is also a small bursary available for some travel costs. The workshop space is wheelchair friendly and while the workshop will require moving around outside for an hour of listening practice this will be at a slow pace. Please do notify us of any requirements or requests you may have in your application. The workshop is limited to 10 participants.
Please email applications to [email protected] (cc’d to [email protected]) with the subject heading ‘Listening DIY10’ by Sunday 9 June.

Closing date for applications is Sunday 9 June.

The artist:
Anja Kanngieser is a community radio producer and writer. With a background in performance and political geography her works explore contemporary labour, voice, technology, collaboration and social movements. She has produced voice works for the Transmediale (GER) and New Adventures in Sound Art (CAN), run DIY radio workshops at the ArtsAdmin 2 Degrees Festival (LON) and at the Steirischer Herbst (AUS) and her writings on voice have been published in academic and popular books and journals. She has produced radio shows for Resonance FM and 3CR. Over the past three years she has facilitated workshops on communication and listening for activists and artists in Brussels, London, Berlin, Melbourne and New York.

Contact information:
Anja Kanngieser on [email protected]

This DIY project is supported by Sound and Music.

Part of DIY: 2013

Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

DIY: 2013


Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

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