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Professional development projects BY artists FOR artists across the UK.


DIY 12: 2015 built on the success of previous DIY initiatives and offered artists working in Live Art the chance to conceive and run professional development projects for other artists.

2015 saw 20 projects take place across the UK between July and November produced in collaboration with 18 national partner organizations led by 29 artists and participated in by over 200 artists.

In 2015, DIY projects took many forms including dreaming of the impossible in St Helens, a very awkward imaginary camping trip, a DIY University for artists, a week long retreat in a totally unknown destination, an exploration of queerness, sex and children, an interrogation of safe spaces and much more. Between them they covered diverse subjects of investigation including race, ritual, financial systems, home, feminism, performance for children, solidarity, participation, awkwardness and much more.

Full details of all DIY 12 projects

With 20 projects across the country and over 200 participants, DIY 12 generated lots of documentation. On this page is a selection of text, video and image documentation (view images above) from various DIY 12 projects.

Feedback from DIY lead artists and participants

One of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my professional practice.
Owen Parry, ‘Fans of Live Art’ lead artist

I could not recommend it highly enough.
Tim Bromage, ‘Excursions: Creative writing for performance’ lead artist

The project itself (the task that I carried out) was a really important one, and is developing into a significant sized project now, and I see that I would have put it off for much longer had I not had the opportunity to develop it as part of this DIY project.
Participant in ‘Going Home’

To have a safe space, a space where we can openly discuss things that often stay hidden but are part of who we are was a rewarding fruitful experience
Participant in ‘Bringing in the Directions’

I was put in new positions, asked to see from new angles.
Participant in ‘I Can’t Dance’

I’m so glad that I could make it, I feel like it will nourish me for a long time to come. Performance art extended family is so important and real.
Participant in ‘I Can’t Dance’

The project was a great educational and personal experience. I had the opportunity to try something completely out of my comfort zone and explore new abilities and possibilities! It was definitely a starting point for something new and I feel very happy that I was a part of it.
Participant in ‘Excursions: Creative writing for performance’

I am forever grateful for this experience.
Participant in ‘Eyes wide open: Unearthing Fragments of the Future’

Live Art Development Agency’s DIY umbrella of workshops [is] a brilliant constellation of on-going initiatives that inspire and nurture a spirit of experiment and adventure that activates the Liminal spaces and communities of learning, particularly acknowledging learning as a life-long process.
Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti, ‘University of DIY’ lead artists


Artists On: DIY12 – Jukeboxing from LADA – Live Online on Vimeo.

Other Documentation 

Working (It) Out

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From Zierle & Carter and Christina Georgiou’s DIY Eyes wide open: Unearthing Fragments of the Future

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Part of DIY: 2015

Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

DIY: 2015


Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

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DIY: 2015 – Call for proposals


Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

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DIY 2020: Gordon Douglas – That’s Governance!


That’s Governance! invites participants to interrogate conditions of governance, and propose, through roleplay, a non-human candidate for Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW)’s Board of Trustees.

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DIY: 2018 – Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari: Tiny Revolutions


How to make a working political theme park for babies and early years

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DIY 2020: Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat – A Way Away: Correspondence Course


A Way Away uses the mode of correspondence course to explore ideas around distance – spatial and temporal, physical and social, imagined and real.

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DIY 2020 – Gillie Kleiman: Fat Performance


A six-week collectively-generated course on and in Fat Performance for fat people.

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DIY: 2018 – Call for Participants


Professional development projects conceived and run by artists, for artists

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