DIY: 2013 – Noemi Lakmaier ‘Imperfect – Live’



Noëmi Lakmaier
Imperfect – Live

An online experiment for open minded, risk-taking, female, disabled artists to explore ideas around the female disabled body and its sexuality. Not for wimps or prudes.

Project Summary:
This one month online project is an opportunity for a small group of disabled women, working in a Live Art context to experiment and explore ideas around the disabled female body and disabled female sexuality within a critical, supportive and non-judgmental context.

The project will take place in a private, password protected online space, with live streams for each participant and live chat. Participating artists will be invited to test at least one idea for a performance or live work a week – especially those they are unsure of, feel that they will not ‘work’ or go ‘wrong’, or consider to be too unconventional and outlandish to present in a more public context – live in front of a web-camera, for the rest of the group to watch. Other participants will respond to and critique what they see. Once a week the group will ‘meet’ in a Skype conference call, to further discuss what we have seen as well as the progression of the project.

Imperfect – Live aims to foster professional development through practice and peer-critique. It is a place where, within the parameters of legality and reasonable consideration for safety, anything goes; and anything will be critiqued without being judged. It gives participating artists the opportunity to work on and develop ideas by testing out the unknown, the unfinished, the weird, the disgusting, the imperfect, the absurd, the extreme, and the impossible, without fear of failure, embarrassment or ridicule.

At the end of the month, Imperfect – Live will open up to the general online public for a one-day/one-evening closing ‘event/symposium’, during which participants will discuss their experience of the project and share some of the resulting work with a wider audience.

Dates, times, location(s):
Times tbc. Online.

Application Procedure:
Participants should be artists working within a Live Art context with an interest in the body and sexuality. They must identify as female and self-define as disabled.

Artist will need access to a computer, a fast (broadband) internet connection and a webcam.

To apply please send a brief CV (max 2 pages), and a short statement about your practice and why you are interested in participating in Imperfect – Live (max 500 words) to[email protected] with DIY Imperfect – Live in the subject line (cc’d to [email protected]) by Monday 1 July. DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL JULY 1.

Visual material, including links to a website are also welcome, but not essential.

The project will take place during the month of September and artists will need to be able to commit to its full duration.

The Artist:
Noëmi Lakmaier is an Austrian born artist who lives and works in London. She has exhibited and performed widely in the UK and internationally. Her work explores notions of the ‘Other’ ranging from the physical to the philosophical, the personal to the political. The individual’s relationship to its surroundings, identity, and perception of self and other in contemporary society are core interests in her predominantly live and site-responsive, live practice.

Contact information:
Noëmi Lakmaier on [email protected]

Part of DIY: 2013

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