DIY: 2013 – Dickie Beau ‘Immaculate Perceptions’


Dickie Beau
Immaculate Perceptions 

With Chelsea Theatre
A workshop in spiritual hoovering: clearing the way for a blissful return to successful creative release

Project summary: 
The idea for this experiential workshop takes as its jumping off point that most recognisable of old tropes: the artist relating to their work as a baby, from the conception of an idea through to the birth trauma of the creative process. It is aimed at helping participants clean up dysfunctional attachments that block their path to professional progress, to release suppressed emotion and to correct perceptions of the worlds they live and work in, so their performance of life acquires renewed energy and authenticity.

How many of these issues are hidden under your carpet :

– the need for approval from others and overdependence on peer recognition / external validation of your work?
– fear of financial scarcity, abandonment, rejection, judgement and completion?
– fear of failure or fear of success(!)?

Were you born with these thoughts? Were you born with these demands of yourself? How many projects have you started but not completed? How do you deal with rejection? Are you challenged by change? Do you ever feel like you have to wait for permission from an authority figure (a director/producer/curator/the Arts Council) to get on with your work? How do you deal with setbacks? Are you ready for self-direction?

Recovery processes include verbal and written work, group exercises and conscious connected breathwork. The breathwork trainer with whom Dickie is devising the workshop has over 20 years’ experience of supportive breathwork. Participants will be asked to bring a blanket or duvet, a cushion and comfortable loose clothes, as well as a light heart and an open mind.

Dates, times and location(s):
Sunday 29 September and Sunday 6 October, times TBC
Location: Chelsea Theatre, London

Application procedure:
If you are interested in participating, please write a short précis of your birth, if you have any information about this, and describe what you think might have been the effects of this experience on your adult relationships, both with your creativity and with other people. Were you early or late? Did you arrive on time? Were you planned? Forceps delivery? Caesarean? Were you born to heal a relationship? These are the kinds of things to put down. If information about your birth is not available, you can alternatively write about the early years of your life, and any iconic early childhood memories, describing the impact you think your early experiences have had on your emotional progress in life. Selected participants will be asked to contribute £20 to cover workshop materials and the provision of a light lunch on both days.

Please email your proposal to [email protected] (cc’d to [email protected]) by Sunday 9 June.

The artist: 
Drag fabulist Dickie Beau is a queer clown whose work is informed by a range of traditions, from low culture to high art, in the creation of distinctive performance experiences. The principle shtick for which he has lately gained notoriety is in the use of found sound, which he ‘re-members’ and then ’embodies’ in performance.

Contact information:
Dickie Beau on [email protected]

This DIY project is supported by Chelsea Theatre.

Banner image credit:

Dickie Beau, ‘Immaculate Perceptions’, image courtesy of the artist

Part of DIY: 2013

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DIY: 2013


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