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Artist/Author: PVI Collective | Reference: D1655 | Type: Publication

Documentation of performances (50 mins). See also, P1640.


Artist/Author: PVI Collective | Reference: P1640 | Type: Publication

Publication includes a performance/event description an 7 ‘code of conduct’ cards. See also D1655 for full documentation.

Jack Smith’s Rehearsals for the Destruction of Atlantis: ‘Exotic’ Ritual and Apocalyptic Tone

Artist/Author: Dominic Johnson | Reference: A0311 | Type: Article

Engaging a series of critical models, this article examines the place of the ‘exotic’ in thinking about sexual and racial difference, as a means of thinking difficult or volatile modes of cultural practice. As such, it stages a confrontation between ‘exotic ritual’ and ‘apocalyptic tone’, to challenge conventions about scholarly practice and find new ways of examining uncomfortable spaces and modes of working.

Anonymous Performance

Artist/Author: Anonymous | Reference: D1224 | Type: DVD

This disk does not work on a dvd player. It should be opened as a data containing disk through the Finder on a Mac computer.