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A Way / Away

Artist/Author: Vlatka Horvat, Tim Etchells | Reference: P4164 | Type: Publication

A Way Away uses the mode of correspondence course to explore ideas around distance – spatial and temporal, physical and social, imagined and real.


Utopia: Three Plays for a Postdramatic Theatre

Artist/Author: Claire Macdonald | Reference: P3203 | ISBN: 978-1783204625 | Type: Publication

A cofounder of the United Kingdom’s legendary 1980s performance theatre company Impact Theatre Co-op, MacDonald composed Utopia, a sequence of commissioned play texts, between 1987 and 2008. This edition brings together both the plays and the story of how the plays came to be made and written.

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer for Freedom

Editor: Feminist Press | Reference: P2342 | ISBN: 9781558618343 | Type: Publication

Letters from prison, songs, poems, courtroom statements and tributes to Pussy Riot.

Correspondence Course: An epistolary history of Carolee Schneemann and her circle

Editor: Kristine Stiles | Reference: P2337 | ISBN: 9780822345114 | Type: Publication

Letters to and from Carolee Schneemann 1956-1999

Performance Matters – Potentials of Performance – You Have One Unread Letter: the list continues.

Artist/Author: Danae Theodoridou | Reference: D2029 | Type: DVD

British Library Sound Archive recording and documentation of Potentials of Performance events (26-27 October 2012). This third themed year of the Performance Matters project features a vibrant series of commissions exploring and exploding the dialogue as a potential format for thinking through and testing possible futures. For each audience member receives a personal letter that continues a conversation that has been taking place via email between the artis and a series of contributors regarding understandings and practices of the potentials of performance. These exchanges come in contact with each other in the performance of a common reading in space and time of writings that exhaust the question: ‘What are the potentials of performance?’ You Have One Unread Letter: the list continues also exists in the space as an installation scroll.

Last Laughs

Artist/Author: Adrian Heathfield | Reference: A0049 | Type: Article

Correspondence Cours

Artist/Author: Carolee Schneemann | Reference: A0050 | Type: Article